Linux Kernel 5.11 Update

Linux Kernel 5.11 Update: Features, Changes, and Installation Guide

Linux Kernel 5.11 Update – Lately, Linux Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, announced the availability of Linux kernel version 5.11 (“Valentine’s Day Edition”). 

The first major kernel update of 2021 comes with a credible crop of changes and a plethora of driver updates for AMD, Intel, and Arm-based hardware.

Linux Kernel 5.11 Update Latest Features and Changes


Earlier, Intel hardware was the primary choice for the power capping feature. However, this time, AMD ZEN\’s initial series of processors are chosen for adding PowerCap RAPL (Runtime Average Power Limiting) Support. 

The next change in AMD based Ryzen series of laptops is the AMD SFH Driver, aka Sensor Fusion Hub driver. It takes care of the gyroscope and other sensors in such laptops.  

AMD SoC PMC driver in Kernel is the most talked about subject because it brings improved power management on AMD Chromebooks and Ryzen notebooks.  

For enhanced security on web browsing and DRM, Software Guard Extensions support is added for Intel processors.  The kernel also supports Intel PMT (Platform Monitoring Technology) because it helps in collecting and managing telemetry about devices. For big companies and data centers, this is going to contribute to handling huge sets of devices with ease.  


Linux Kernel 5.11 release comes with Intel Keem Bay display support and a host of DRM updates. Besides, initial support has been added for Green Sardine APU devices and AMD Van Gogh APU. For Intel DG1 and RX 6800, further support is added. 


Similar to all the kernel releases, Btrfs sees constant improvements. It is expected to have more addition in this release. F2FS, XFS, and VirtIO-FS are some file systems that have been improved with the latest 5.11 update.  

Other hardware (major ones)

This isn’t it! The new update brings some other hardware changes, including Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ controller support, additional Thunderbolt port, and USB4 improvement. Lastly, support is added for ASUS\’s new gaming laptop keyboards.

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Install Linux 5.11 on Ubuntu

Though you can install the mainline kernel on Linux Mint or Ubuntu, the installation is not recommended because it might break your current Ubuntu Linux system. It is imperative to keep in mind that these builds are not intended for end-users.  

So, users are suggested to wait for an official update in respective distributions. The Linux 5.11 kernel will feature in Ubuntu 21.04 in April and will be backported to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in the summer.

In case you still want to install the Linux Kernel 5.11 version, consider the below installation guide in Ubuntu-based systems. 

A Piece of Advice  

If you can’t wait till Linux 5.11 is featured in Ubuntu 21.04 in April, you can do it manually by following the above information. However, it is whimsically essential to consider that if your system breaks, it’s up to you to fix it! 

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