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Our Training Programs

Linux Training

We are known for Linux Training in Chandigarh. Our Training methodology is based on practical training where we have designed Live problem solving environment and with this aspirants get change to do work on versatile industry based assignments not just preparation for certification.

PHP Training

Our real time assignments & questioners are the most important speciality that differentiate us for PHP Training in Chandigarh. After completion of the training one become expert programmer in PHP with CMS & FrameWork customization to work on ONLINE projects.

Web Designing Course

Now Internet being device sensitive designing has to be done for web sites, for android devices, i-phone & tablets etc.. JOBs with web designing training in Chandigarh is increasing every day because of these changing trends. This is one of the courses that one must join.

SEO Training

We are technical consultant for various colleges & universities across northerner India where we do online campaigning for their promotions and students get change to work on such big projects who have joined us for SEO training in Chandigarh. We are professional bloggers and make money online.

Android Training

Get your APP LIVE on Google play free of charge once you learn how to build real-world and fun mobile applications. Our Android training in Chandigarh program covers the basics of building apps to advanced concepts such as 3D components, use the Android APIs, Animations, Media, Web Services, Sensors & GPS etc..

Cloud Computing

We are CBitss Technologies provides real-time and placement focused Cloud computing training in Chandigarh. We have designed cloud computing course syllabus based on students requirement to achieve career goal. Our cloud computing training program, provide a knowledge about cloud computing components, Softwares and services etc.

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YouTube Marketing: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

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YouTube is an American online platform for uploading, sharing, commenting, and subscribing to videos. It is open to the public, and its headquarter is in California. Also, it is one of Google’s subsidiaries, which include TV shows, music videos, documentaries, live streams, educational videos, etc. Some videos are free to view, while some are subscription-based

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Android Intents

Android Intents: Everything You Need to Know (in 2021)

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The Intent is the second most important building block of the Android System. It has many types of working in Android Operating System such as: Move from one screen to another Passing data from one screen to other Sharing data from one application to other application such as contacts Get data from another application In

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Linux Kernel 5.11 Update_ Features, Changes, and Installation Guide

Linux Kernel 5.11 Update: Features, Changes, and Installation Guide

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Lately, Linux Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, announced the availability of Linux kernel version 5.11 (“Valentine’s Day Edition”).  The first major kernel update of 2021 comes with a credible crop of changes and a plethora of driver updates for AMD, Intel, and Arm-based hardware. Linux 5.11 Latest Features and Changes Processors Earlier, Intel

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Things to Consider Before Learning PHP Language

What Things to Consider Before Learning PHP Language?

In the present-day dynamic and highly advanced world, the corporate world highly depends upon advanced and innovative technologies. Every business wants to win the race of success, so they want to be first to adopt every possible web development technology in their business. Currently, there are a number of web development technologies available to achieve

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Five Trending Professional Courses after Graduation

5 Trending Professional Courses after Graduation

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In today’s era, a graduate degree has no longer the same value as it had about a decade ago. Earlier, if a person holds a graduation degree, he/she was known as a well-educated person for whom a plethora of job opportunities were knocking every now and then. Graduation is now seen as a part of

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Develop Sites with Python

Why Python Gains An Edge Over Other Programming Languages?

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Python is an open-source, high-level, and interpreted programming language used to develop some of the world’s largest sites. Due to the availability of several libraries and tools, this language has become the number one choice of many data scientists and developers.   What Makes Python Stand Out From Others?  Python language has astonishing built-in data structures

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Compiling Binary Information To Security Specialization

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