Coding Classes Chandigarh

Coding Classes in Chandigarh

Learn 360-degree fundamentals of programming with Coding classes in Chandigarh

Course Name:Coding Classes in Chandigarh
Duration:45 Days to 6 Months
Batch Days:Monday - Friday
Mobile No:9988741983

Coding Classes in Chandigarh

Web Designing Training

Design your path towards a successful career with our Web Designing Training!

Nowadays , a strong online presence of your business is imperative to succeed and flourish. Web designing holds a critical role in the creation and designing of an appealing, user-friendly, as well as functional website which meets evolving requirements of customers. Our Coding classes in Chandigarh stand out in this regard from the others.

Web Development Training

Empowering for building the digital world through paramount Knowledge!

In this age of advancement, businesses need to show their strong and appealing online presence to stay competitive as well as growing. Web development is crucial in creation of dynamic as well as responsive websites that meet evolving requirements of the customers. Our coding classes in Chandigarh are designed to provide the students with the professional skills as well as expertise to succeed in this advancing field.

Mobile Application Development Training

Empowering your future in the realm of mobile app development!

Mobile application development has been proved a critical aspect of businesses’ success with increasing usage of mobiles devices and smartphones. Our coding course in Chandigarh is programmed to provide the students with the professional skills as well as expertise to build high-quality mobile applications.

PHP Training

Revamp your career with our PHP course.

PHP is a widely-used coding language which has a key use in web development, as many websites and applications are developed through this language. Our computer language course in Chandigarh is designed to provide students with the professional skills and expertise to develop high-quality PHP applications.

Database Training

Dive deeper into the world of databases.

Databases are the backbone of many applications, storing and managing data for businesses and organizations. CBitss acclaimed as Best coding institute in Chandigarh provides students with the skills and expertise to manage and design high-quality databases.

C, C++ Training

Unlock the power of C and C++ & Shape your programming career with us.

C and C++ are popular programming languages used for developing a wide range of applications, including system software, embedded systems as well as games. The C and C++ training in our coding classes in Chandigarh is customized to provide students with the skills and expertise to develop high-quality applications using these languages.

Full Stack Training

Full Stack training – The ultimate career booster!

The technology of Full Stack Development involves developing both the front-end and back-end of a web application. It requires a range of knowledge & skills, from HTML and CSS to databases as well as server-side languages. Our coding course in Chandigarh is specially curated to provide students with the skills and expertise to develop full-stack applications.

Mean Stack Training

Unlock limitless opportunities via Learning Mean Stack !

MEAN stack is a widely used technology for web development that uses JavaScript-based technologies like Express.js, AngularJS, MongoDB and Node.js. Our MEAN Stack training as rendered in the one of the best coding institutes in Chandigarh and is specifically curated to make our students proficient with the skills as well as the expertise to create and build web applications via these trending technologies.

Mern Stack Training

Take your career to new heights with MERN Stack!

MERN stack is an in-demand web development technology that takes the use and utilization of JavaScript-based technologies for example as MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js, etc. Our coding classes in Chandigarh are there to provide students with the ultimate knowledge as well as professional expertise to develop web applications via these popular technologies.

Python Training

Python is your path as well as destination towards a shining bright future!

Python is one of the most desirable and leading programming languages which is used to build and create a wide range of applications which include web development, data science, AI, machine learning and much more. Our computer language course in Chandigarh is programmed to equip coding as well as python aspirants to become well complacent with the professional skills and knowledge required to develop applications using Python.

JAVA Training

Master yourself in Java and reign in the world of technology!

Java is a leading used programming language known for its versatility and reliability. No matter whether you want to build web applications or work around mobile development, Java is a go-to language for many web development aspirants. CBitss, emerging as the best coding institute in Chandigarh has designed the various programs to provide our students with hands-on knowledge as well as proficiency required to develop robust, efficient as well as scalable web applications.

Android Training

Android learning for an innovative career!

In today’s world which is deeply technology-driven as well as solutions oriented, smartphones have become an imperative part of our life. In this utilization, Android is the leading as well as most utilized operating system which is used in smartphones. Android app development has turned out to be a highly sought-after technology, with many businesses and companies looking for well – versed and professional developers to build engaging as well as creative mobile apps. In aspiration to serve as a best coding institute in Chandigarh, CBitss has customized its courses of various android aspirations to ace their knowledge in this technology.


Kotlin: The language as well as the future of modern Android development.

Kotlin has emerged as a modern, concise as well as a powerful programming language which is used to develop the Android applications. It is gaining rapid popularity among Android developers because of its efficiency, safety as well as interoperability. Because of holding modern features, easy-to-learn syntax, and seamless interoperability with Java, Kotlin is turned out as an increasingly crucial language for android developers. Our coding classes in Chandigarh aim to make students proficient with all such skills.


Give your career a high flight via Flutter!

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework which has emerged out as extremely popular in the last few years. Owing to the increasing demand for mobile app development, it is indispensable to learn this leading technology in order to meet the industry requirements as well as to stay upgraded . Our coding classes focus on such needs and therefore, intend to make our students well-versed as well as experienced in it.

Angular JS

Turn out as a web development wizard via mastering the AngularJS.

AngularJS is a widely used framework used to create and develop dynamic as well as complex web applications. Angular JS, being an open-source framework , is managed by Google and renders the developers with a range of technologies and features to build responsive and single-page web apps. The AngularJS learning rendered in CBitss’s Coding classes in Chandigarh, covers all modules of this versatile framework, enabling our students to get complacent in AngularJS development and get well-equipped to meet the requirements as well as trends of the industry.

Node JS

Node JS: the must-have expertise in modern web developers !

Node.js has become a popular and powerful tool for server-side JavaScript web development. Through its efficient event-driven architecture as well as extensive libraries, it has been proved as a preferred choice to create fast and scalable applications. As businesses are moving towards cloud-based solutions and microservices, skills for this technology are in high demand . The Node.js program by CBitss provides comprehensive coverage of the Node.js professional learning, serving the students the competitive edge in the IT industry.

Why Choose CBitss?

We are a one-stop solution for all of your Information Technology Learning & Expertise.

  • We work around latest technologies & top-trending resources.
  • Experience of 20+ years in the industry.
  • Customisable, Unique & Secret Learning Modules.
  • Hands-on Practical Learning Experience.
  • Latest Industry expertise-oriented modules.
  • International Validation.
  • Learn from top-notch industry experienced professionals.
  • Interview Preparation through mock interview sessions.
  • Quality audit like Wemp & Workshops.

Our Achievements

  • ISO Certified Company.
  • Technical Consultant of Arni University.
  • Technical Consultant of Dev Bhumi College.
  • Setup COE with HITM College.
  • Latest Industry expertise-oriented modules.
  • Google Adwords Certified Company.
  • Our own Dedicated Servers.
  • Expert in open source migration.
  • 10+ years experienced Team in LINUX.
  • Manage servers carrying 10 million traffic a day.
  • Redhat Certified Team.
  • Microsoft Certified Team.
  • Sun Certified Team.
  • Cisco Certified Team Trained more than 50,000 IT professionals Our Branches are in Himachal, Jammu & Chandigarh.

Class Timings

Available : 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Class time : 2-3 hours daily

Working Days : 7 days

Special batch timing for Working Professionals.

Saturday & Sunday FULL day Practical sessions.



Registration fees is refundable if the student finds that the trainer is not technically strong in his field. (T&C applied) (student will have to notify this on the first day of class only.)

We are committed to deliver training services with 100% transparency.

We Don’t :

We do not have a classroom environment. We believe in practical training. Therefore, from the day 01 candidate works on machines from the basic to the advanced level.

We are committed to clarify all the technical / non technical doubts by the technical experts before nominating the candidates for Chandigarh Coding Classes We do not offer any demo classes.

During the course, we organize special sessions to prepare students for the interviews. Also, we arrange the interviews, but we are not committed to provide job because it is entirely dependent upon the candidates.

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Coding Classes in Chandigarh
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    Coding Classes in Chandigarh

    Coding Classes in Chandigarh

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