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Linux Training


linux training in chandigarhLearn more about server with Linux training in Chandigarh.

What is Open Source:

Open source software means the software in which the source code (code in which program is actually written under set syntax of any programming language) is made available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge for the customized or better functionality of the program.

Open Source Software are formed when programmers write and improve source code as collaborative efforts & share the changes within the community.

Benefits of Open Source Software:

It is mostly used as being secure, powerful & free of charge.
Linux is open source operating software, it is very robust and known for security features.
Companies are migrating to Linux as it is Virus FREE OS & for Cost cutting.

Availability of Open Source Software:

  • There are plenty of open source software available for communication, Engineering, Education, Finance, Productivity, Management & Multimedia etc..
  • Linux is free to use modify and distribute we have made it FREE to Learn as well..

Career in Linux:

  • CBitss Technologies is the first choice to aspirants for the Linux Training in Chandigarh as this is the premier Linux Training Organization in Chandigarh.
  • CBitss Technologies is emerging Linux based Data Centre &Web Hosting company facilitating its clients with Linux, PHP, MySQL & all other open source technologies.
  • Here at Linux training in Chandigarh , a wide range of shared servers, dedicated servers, virtual private server and cloud servers like services are given to overseas clients.

About Exam :

Exam consists of 2.5 Hours session.Exam consists of 3.5 hours on RHEL 7.
RHCSA certification is required in order to earn Red Hat certified Engineer (RHCE).Without passing RHCSA exam, candidates are not eligible to take RHCE exam.

Reasons for choosing us to get Linux Training in Chandigarh:

  • Our Training methodology is based on practical training where we have designed Live problem Solving environment and with this aspirants get change to do work on versatile industry based assignments not just preparation for certification.
  • We are confident about our assignments and questioners which are not available neither in any book nor on internet which is the most important speciality of our LINUX Training in Chandigarh.
  • We are not Industry failures who have opted teaching as only option, We are team of dedicated LINUX professionals with experience of 10+ years.
  • We are web hosting company, with the help of our dedicated Linux coaching aspirants learn to install,configure & get change to manage LIVE servers during training.
  • Our LINUX Training pattern is followed by TrasEDU, which means from day one onwards every thing will be transparent to students about the Course Covered, their performance, need to revise weaker sections, and rate of chance to get JOB.
  • We have huge question bank which help in clearing the interview and make us pioneer in Linux Training in Chandigarh.
  • We offer flexible timing with Saturday & Sunday FULL day Practical sessions where we believe in one to one training.
Linux Training in Chandigarh 

Rated: Linux Training in chandigarh 5 / 5 based on 9693 customer reviews
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Product description:Linux training in Chandigarh provided by CBitss Technologies which cover Directory structure, Disk Management, Quota, Shell scripting, NFS, FTP, YUM, SAMBA, APACHE, Mail server, DNS LAMP etc…

LINUX Training Course Content:

Unit 1:

  • Directory Structure
  • Device Name Convention
  • Installation, Dual Boot, Kickstart, Tftp Installation, Through Nfs,ftp,http Installation
  • Basic Commands (overview of different versions of Linux) manage system behaviour (/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /boot/grub/grub/conf, /etc/inittab, .bash* and some other files)

Unit 2:

  • Disk Management
  • Partitioning & filesystem
  • Configuring & troubleshooting LVM, pre & post Os Installation LVM setup, snapshot of LVM
  • Configuring & troubleshooting RAID (striping,Mirroring,Striping with distributed parity bit)
  • Managing Swap (extending swap & reducing swap) [swap=virtual memory]

Unit 3:

  • User group policy & acl(access control list)
  • Disk Quota (User Quota, Group Quota)
  • Backup regural, incremental & data compression(tar)
  • Automated tasks Crontab, at Package installation,querying,removing through rpm , yum, apt-get & make(binary compilation)
  • Shell Scripting (basic)

Unit 4:

  • Introduction to networking (IP addressing & Lan establishment)
  • Configuring internet in linux through broadband, dialup, data card & through mobile(gprs)
  • NFS (network file sharing)
  • DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • FTP (file transfer protocol) [hands on ftp clients]
  • SSH, Telnet & VNC (remote access services)
  • YUM (configuring repository of rpm packages for network installation )
  • SAMBA (linux to window printer & data sharing)
  • SQUID (proxy)
  • APACHE (web server)
  • NIS, LDAP (user’s liberty to sit into remote machine)
  • MAIL Server (smtp,postfix,squirrelmail)
  • DNS(mater,slave with forward & reverse zone)
  • Selinux (secure enhanced linux) all major practicals
  • FireWall:TCP Wrapper, Iptables
  • RHCE Exam Preparation Classes
  • Shell Scripting (advance)
  • LAMP
  • Web Hosting Server implementation
  • Live Project.


Consult for customized training of mail server, web server, proxy server & monitoring tools etc..

Class Timing:

Available : 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Class time : 4 hours daily
Working : 7 days
Special batch timing for Working Professionals.
Saturday & Sunday FULL day Practical sessions.


Registration fees is refundable if student find that trainer is not technically strong in his field. (T&C apply) (student will have to notify on first day of class only.)

We are committed to deliver training Services with 100% transparency.

We Don’t :

We don’t have class room environment, we believe in practical training thus from day one candidates work one machine moving from basics to advance course.

We don’t provide demo classes, all the technical/non technical doubts are make clear by the technical expert before enrolling the candidate for training.

We prepare for interview by conducting special sessions during the course, and we arrange interviews as well but We don’t do JOB commitments because its fully up to the candidates to clear the interview.

CBitss Technologies
Linux training in chandigarh
10,000/- to 50,000/- 

SCO 23-24-25, level 3, sector 34 A

Phone: 9988741983

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    Student Review

    Linux Training in Chandigarh
    June 25, 2020
    Linux Training in chandigarh5/5 stars
    Linux training in Chandigarh is provided by Mr. Navneet. A person having more than 12 years of versatile experience in the field of open source technologies. CBitss technology's best part is that they have self designed study material which helps individuals to get in depth knowledge of Core LINUX.

    Linux Training in Chandigarh

    Linux Training in Chandigarh
    Rated Linux Training in chandigarh5/5 based on 9693 reviews

    RHCE Certificate

    red hat linux training & certification in chandigarh



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