What is coding in computer

What is Coding in Computer?

What is coding in computer?

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  • What is coding in computer?
  • Its advantages
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Coding has become a part of our lives whether we do it ourselves or someone around us. All the things that we need are provided to us by one app or the other. Want to order something to eat? There is an app for it. Want to buy some jewellery? There is an app for that. Want to buy a new pair of jeans? There is an app for that. You name the thing, there will be an app from where you can buy it easily.

But have you ever wondered where all these apps are coming from?

Today, we are here to discuss what is coding in computer and how does coding affect our lives. So, let us start without wasting any more time.

What is coding in computer?

Coding in computers is a highly complex process in which the coder gives a set of commands to the computer (in a specific coding language) to tell the computer how to perform a particular function. The instructions are usually in a written form which is later processed by the computer’s software and hardware do perform the action as commanded by the person.

This process involves breaking down of larger tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks so that it becomes easier for the computer to understand and perform them without making any mistakes. To do all these complex mechanisms, we have developed some languages called typically as ‘coding-languages’. Some examples of coding languages are- C++, C+, JAVA, PYTHON and there are many more. These coding languages work as a line of communication between the coder and his computer. Through these languages, the coder gives instructions to the computer and the computer performs the tasks given to it by the coder.

Some Main Points

Problem Definition: the coder must clearly define the task that he wants the computer to perform.

Algorithm Design: A step by step plan has to be created by the coder before the computer can start its processes. This is called breakdown of function as the whole process has to be broken down into smaller pieces so that it is easier for the computer to process it and then perform the given function.

Writing Code: Employing a particular programming language to convert the algorithm into usable code. Using the proper syntax and grammatical structures is necessary for this.

Debugging and Testing: Finding and repairing flaws in the code to make sure it functions effectively. Testing requires executing the code with various inputs to verify its accuracy.

Optimization: Refining the code to make it more efficient, faster, and use fewer resources.

Deployment: After all this, when the coder is satisfied with his product, the app is made available for the customers to try.


Coding as a career has a lot of scope. It is a skill that is highly in demand. Making applications for various companies and businesses is one of the best career choices today. There is a huge demand for these services in the market. As technologies advance, coding and app development is going to become more prevalent in the world.


Q. What is the benefit of learning coding?

A. Coding as a career is highly in demand. You can find a job in any IT related company.

Q. What is the duration of the course?

A. Any coding course will take up to 6 months duration.

Q. Will this course help me in my career?

A. Yes, this course will boost your career if you want to be a coder in the future.

Q. Is there a job guarantee after this course?

A. There can be no guarantees as there is no degree being given here.

Q. Is this course expensive?

A. No this course is not that expensive.

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