How to connect to database in java

How to connect to database in Java

How to connect to database in Java

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is Java?
  • How to connect to database in Java?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


We have seen different phases in the Indian development. We saw the phase where agriculture was given the most priority and then came the phase where we focused on industries. After that came to the phase where we started focusing on technology and globalisation. The era when everything changed for the better. It doesn’t matter what the consequences were at that time, our great nation took the opportunity like a star and ran with it. Today, we have the 3rd highest number of start-ups in the world where some of our neighbours don’t have even one perfectly running start-up. In the past decade, we have created and encouraged an ecosystem of start-ups through the government’s Make in India mission. We have proved to the world that when it comes to resolve, no nation can surpass India. That’s why today, after the failure of Chandrayaan-2, we have still managed to become the first nation to land on the Southern surface of the moon. From carrying parts of rockets on bicycles to carrying rockets and satellites and landing on the moon, we have surely come a long way.

Today’s tie is revolving around websites and mobile applications. Therefore, we will talk about something closely related to both websites and mobile apps. Today our topic is related to Java and we will find out what Java is. Also, we will try to find out how to connect to database in Java. So, let us start the topic without further delay.

What is Java?

As discussed above, creating and developing websites is all the rage in today’s time and age. We cannot deny the fact that every company that exists in the world needs a good, presentable website that can display its product and objectives. Although it is not an easy task to create an eye-grabbing website, for a skilled programmer, nothing is difficult. Java is a programming language that helps developers in creating the best and most visually appealing websites. Java is known for its object-oriented programming versatility. Also, Java is one of the few languages that can be used on any operating system which means that Java code doesn’t need to be modified if it is opened on any other platform. 

How to connect to database in Java?

Now this is a little tricky. To connect to database in Java, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Import Necessary Packages: Importing the necessary Java package like JavaSQL is an important part of this process. Only then can you move forward with the operations.
  2. Load the JDBC Driver: You will not be able to load and perform database operations until and unless you have safely loaded the required JDBC driver. Load the specific JDBC driver and later you can start working on the database.
  3. Establish a Connection: Once the JDBC driver has loaded properly, use the DriverManager.getConnection() method to start a connection with the desired database. 
  4. Perform Database Operations: After successfully connecting to the database, perform all the required operations.
  5. Close the Connection: This is the last and final step but it is crucial to close the connection and release the resources only after you are done with database operations.


In conclusion, Java is a great programming language and is being used throughout the world right now. If you think you can master the Java language and work as a programmer, come with CBitss as we have the best Java Training course in Chandigarh ready for you.


Q. Is learning Java a good career move?

Looking at the market, it can prove to be your best decision right now.

Q. Is this course available online?

Yes, all our courses are available online.

Q. Can I join this course in October?

Yes, you can join the course any time you prefer. 

Q. Will this course guarantee a job for me?

We don’t believe in giving fake guarantees. Instead, we believe in preparing you for the worst and in that process making you the best developer. You skills that you get from here will get you the job.

Q. Will I get a degree for this course?

No, this is a certification course and not a professional degree course. How to connect to database in Java

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