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Why Should CCNA Training be Crucial for IT Professionals?

The full form of the CCNA is the Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is the most popular certificate for the candidates who want to make their career in the networking industry. Several well-known companies in the world respect this certificate. If you have this certificate, the company will give you different opportunities because the certificate indicates that you have enough knowledge about the networks and the upgraded technology. This is one of the certificates that are globally recognized by several industries. 

Role of CCNA training

Most of the candidates try to achieve this certificate for their further careers. With the CCNA Training, you will learn to operate the networks, understand the networks and configure the routed networks. For gaining the certificate, you have to choose the best CCNA training program. CBitss will provide you with the best CCNA training in Chandigarh, and they will also help you get several career opportunities. You should also know that you have to pass the pre CCNA exam for achieving the certificate, which will calculate how much knowledge you have about the networks. 

How one can get CISCO Certificate?

CISCO arranges this exam to give a chance to several candidates for their future in the networking industry. If you are coming from the IT industry, you must also pass this exam for a better career. This exam will be of 90 minutes and it is called the CISCO certification exam. Following are some topics which you have to cover when you are preparing for the exam. The CISCO announces all these topics because they will be helpful in the future of the networking industry. 

  • IP addressing 
  • Routers or routers protocols
  • Wide area network and land area network design
  • OSI Model
  • VLAN and WLAN 
  • Network security and management 

You should also know that in this industry, with the development of technology, every day there will be new upgrades about the networks. So you can’t stop studying after giving the CCNA certification exam. You have to study continuously and collect data from your daily to daily life. CISCO will also offer several certifications programs such as the CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless and CCNA security. With all these certificates, you will gain knowledge about every sector in the computer networking industry. 

CCNA training will help you make your dreams come true for a career in computer networking. You should also know that the CCNA certificate will come with three years of validity. After three years, the validity of your certificate will end and you have to take the exam of CCNA certificate once again. The CISCO creates this rule because of the upgraded knowledge about the networks. Every year, more and more technology has been developing, and people in the networking industry must be updated to that news. This exam will make the candidates stay in touch with the latest news. 

After the CCNA certification exam, you can also try for the advanced certificate from CISCO. Most of the candidates try this advanced certificate exam to enhance their careers. CCNP and CCIE is the advanced certificate by the CISCO. 

Why should CCNA Training be important for IT professionals?

As we know, the CCNA certificate is a globally recognized and respected certificate by several networking industries. Every industry in this sector is looking for candidates who possess a CCNA certificate. According to several surveys, it is declared that every year over a million students give the certification exam and get the certificate with higher marks. With the certificate, you not only get great career growth opportunities, but you will also get several benefits when you are elected in the industry. 

Following are some benefits of the certificate which will make you choose the best CCNA Training in Chandigarh

Larger pay scale

With this certificate, you gain knowledge of the networks and increase your salary potential in the industry. You will also get priority when you are in the interview for the job. You can enhance your career growth with this CCNA certificate. 

Enhance the knowledge about the computer network

As we know, you don’t have to qualify for taking this exam in one particular field. Any person from any field can give this exam for gaining knowledge of computer networks. With the preparation for the exam, you will learn the basic concepts of the network and you will also learn updated technologies useful in the industry. You will also learn how to use the networking concepts in real-life scenarios. 

Better job opportunities

We know that every industry is looking for CCNA certificate holders because of their knowledge about computer networks. You should also know that those who have the CCNA certificate will get better job opportunities than those who do not have it. Therefore, candidates are turbo to gain the certificate for better job options. 

Career advancement

You should also know that when it comes to the promotion in the company between the staff members. Companies always prefer to promote the person who has the CCNA certificate because they have complete knowledge about the network principles and basic concepts. If you have a CCNA certificate, then you can expect career growth in the networking industry. 

Eligibility for the higher certification programs

When you complete the CCNA certificate exam, you can give the other CISCO promoted certification exams such a the CCNA Voice and CCNA Wireless. This is one of the important benefits of possessing the CCNA certificate. 

For having all these benefits, you have to take the best training program for CCNA and CBitss will provide you with one. They will offer their students flexible timing in the morning and the evenings. CBitss will also give live practicals to every student individually. They will also provide you with enough knowledge about computer networks and they will teach you how to work on real-life scenarios. 


All the above information will give you enough knowledge about the CCNA certificate and its importance in the networking industry. The proper Training for CCNA is required to gain the certificate. 

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