What is Edge Cloud computing

What is Edge Cloud computing?

What is Edge Cloud computing?

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is cloud computing?
  • What is Edge cloud computing?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


When we talk about the latest technologies in the world, one name instantly pops up in the mind which is Artificial Intelligence. However, that is not the only latest tech in the market. The human mind is agile when it comes to creating tech that helps us move forward. Also, when we see an innovation, it creates an ecstatic feeling inside us and all we want to do in that moment is try the new tech and see how much better it is from the existing technologies. This happens with everybody and it will keep happening till the time humans walk on this earth as a species. 

There is one more technology that is transforming the IT sector of the world and that is the cloud computing technology. It has mutated the whole ecosystem of offices in a very positive manner. AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure are some of the biggest players in the cloud business. Today we will learn some details about what is edge cloud computing. So, let us start with the topic without wasting any time. 

What is Cloud computing? 

Anyone may access their data from any device they have access to using cloud computing, often known as cloud technology. The term “cloud computing” encompasses a broad range of services. The key examples are networking, cloud storage, databases, data analysis, and cybersecurity. In the business world, there is an increasing need for cloud computing specialists. As a result, a lot of IT specialists are receiving cloud computing training. Additionally, Chandigarh offers cloud services training classes and cloud computing training in Chandigarh. Now let’s focus on the main topic for today;

What is Edge cloud computing?

Edge cloud computing is a new form of cloud computing as in this system, the servers are not located at a remote place instead, they are created close to the actual data source. This approach is new since the earlier approach required that the servers be placed far away. But because of this approach, there are several plus points that the firms are reporting such as:

1.    Reduced Latency: Because the distance between the server and data source has been reduced to a minimum, there is the added benefit of almost zero latency in the transfer or upload of documents. 

  1. Privacy and Security: For a company or a firm, multiple documents are highly confidential and sensitive. These documents should be saved in a place nearby and not on a server far away. 

3.    Offline Capabilities: Some computing processes can be completed using the offline capabilities of edge computing. 

4.    Scalability: The scalability of a business can be easily manipulated using edge cloud computing. This gives businesses a much better chance to survive in this fierce competition.


In conclusion, the edge cloud computing service is going to start spreading rapidly across the world because of its many positives over traditional cloud computing. If the scale of businesses keeps on rising like this, there is no stopping the cloud tech.


Q. Can I learn cloud computing in 2 months?

Yes, most of our courses are of the same 1-3 months duration.

Q. Is this course available online?

No, we are not offering any online courses right now.

Q. Are cloud services expensive?

That depends on the nature of your requirements. Mostly the cloud service providers have different packages for different purposes. You can get the information directly from the company.

Q. Can I use cloud service for my departmental store?

 Yes, of course, anyone can use Cloud for anything. You can keep your inventory information. You can use it to deal with your business accounts. There are many ways the cloud can help you out with your departmental store.

Q. I own a travel company; can I use the cloud for my profit?

Yes, you can. Cloud is for everyone to use in any scenario. It does not matter the nature of your business. You can easily keep your company’s as well as your customer’s data and information safe. That is the power of cloud computing.

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