What is an illustrator in Graphic designing

What is an illustrator in Graphic designing?

What is an illustrator in Graphic designing?

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is Graphic Designing?
  • What is Illustrator in Graphic Designing?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


When we talk about technology in India, we forget that we are the ones who have created many of today’s technological marvels. From the microchip to Hotmail, we have created a lot of technology that we don’t even get credit for. Just look at our latest Space mission accomplishment where we became the first nation to land on the southern or darker porting of the moon. We as a nation have been the centre of education for many centuries. The first texts that were written were the Vedas, the oldest books that prove that the earth is not flat were written by Aryabhatta, Sushruta Samhita was a 27-book series that taught the world the basics of plastic surgery. That is how vast our knowledge bowl was. 

Today, in the world of digital technology, we are again leading the world by being the highest online transactions-producing country in the world. As our market size increases, more and more companies will start investing in India and the Indian dream will be realised soon. But for that, we will have to train our younger generation so that they can take the lead when it is time to take the baton from currently more advanced countries like the U.S.A. and China. 

Today, we are here to discuss what is illustrator in graphic designing is. So, let us start the topic without wasting any time.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a profession that involves a lot of creative thinking and visual expertise for producing visual content that has everything from texts, images, animations and everything else that can make it visually appealing. Let us move on to our main topic now.

What is Illustrator in Graphic Designing?

Illustrator is an amazing tool included in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and helps graphic designers in many ways. Here are some of the most important functions that it can perform:

  1. Vector Graphics: Creating logos and illustrations on Illustrator is quite easy as it is based on Vector graphics design. 
  2. Pen Tool: The pen tool is one of the most revolutionising features of Illustrator. Graphic designers have the freedom to cut or edit their desired items from the image or text they are working on. 
  3. Typography: Many text effects can be created using Illustrator. It has a lot of options when it comes to working with texts of any sort. 
  4. Shape Tools: There are many templated shape forms built in illustrator. This helps greatly when the designer has to work on specific shapes and angles.
  5. Illustration and Artwork: Beautiful illustrations can be created using Illustrator. It is one of the most trusted tools in the world for creative graphic designers. 


In conclusion, we think that illustrator is one of the most well-developed graphic designing tools ever made. If you think you have a knack for graphic designing and want to become a master graphic designer, we at CBitss have the best graphic designing course in Chandigarh


Q. Is this course available online?

Yes, this course is available online.

Q. Can I join this course after college?

 Yes, you can join the evening batch of this course. 

Q. Will I get a decent job after this job?

You will get enough skills from this course that are sufficient to land a decent job.

Q. Is this course expensive?

No, it is a 2–3-month course which is easily affordable.

Q. When is the last date to join this course?

There is no last date for joining this course. You can join us anytime and get started with the most experienced staff in Chandigarh.

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