Web designer vs. Web developer

Web designer vs. Web developer

Web designer vs. Web developer

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is a Web developer?
  • What is a Web designer?
  • Web developer vs. Web designer
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


In the realm of technology, we are one of the greatest powers in the world today. As the Indian markets evolved into technology-centric products and customers, we started growing by leaps and bounds. Today, we have over 100 unicorn companies and this number was merely 7-8 just a decade ago. We have developed technologies and applications in huge numbers and that is now giving us an edge over the other developing nations. Not just IT, but we have gone ahead of the greatest powers in the world such as France, Canada, U.K. and the U.S. in terms of space technology as well. Just look at what our Space Research organisation ISRO has achieved in the past few years and with Chandrayaan-3, we have shown the world that Indians achieve what they set out to achieve no matter how many times we fail.

We are today giving fierce competition to all the countries in the world in every field. Our amazingly talented youth is making us proud in every field of the market. Today, we are going to discuss two very similar-sounding professions and find out the differences between them. Yes, our topic for today is Web Developer vs. Web designer. So, let us start without wasting any more time.

What is a Web developer?

A Web developer is someone who creates and sustains a website for a firm or organisation. Their main purpose is to deal with any glitches or bugs that affect the smooth navigation of the website and provide the customers with an convenient and utilitarian site that doesn’t have any viruses or bugs.

What is a Web designer?

Web designers take care of the visual elements of a website. Their main purpose is to make the website as visually attractive as possible. This is what’s going to bring customers and convert them into buyers of the product.

Web developer vs. web designer?

Although the terms sound similar, there are a few things that make them different from each other like;

  Aspect  Web developer  Web designer  
  Job description  A web developer’s duty is to produce and maintain the website and it’s inner pages.  A web designer only focuses on the visual aspects of the website like font, images etc.
 LanguagesMostly involved in languages such as PHP, C, Python and .Net  Mostly use languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript    
Job RequirementsA strong with logical and linear thinking who can create a bug-free website.     Has to be creative and imaginative. Must have artistic mindset and a strong intuition.


In conclusion. India is in the early stages of a huge economic jump. If we want to continue this momentum, we will have to focus on technology as it is the only way we can beat countries like China and Japan. To Know more join web designing course in Chandigarh.

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Q. Will be able to learn programming languages in these courses?

Yes, you will learn all the basics of Web development in these courses.

Q. What is the duration of the web design course?

The duration of the web design course is about 1-2 months.

Q. Is the course available online?

No, currently none of our courses is online.

Q. Will I be able to join an evening batch?

Yes, we offer courses in almost all the time slots, you can choose the timings as you prefer.

Q. Will I be able to get a job after this course?

This course will give you enough skills to land a decent job easily.

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