Types of SEO in digital marketing

Types of SEO in digital marketing

Types of SEO in digital marketing

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  • What is SEO?
  • Types of SEO in digital marketing
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In the world of continuously evolving technology, we have become used to a lot of stuff. Like the internet and all the incredible services that it can provide. We have convoluted our lives so much with today’s technology that living without it even for a second seems hard. Technology is everywhere and it is taking over India by storm. With the new initiatives of the government, all the Indian services provided either by the government or a private company have come online. This has created a huge positive change in everyone’s lives as a huge racket of black money has been closed. Corruption has also gone down by a huge margin, all thanks to the transparency that the internet provides. You can find out anything about the Indian government’s activities such as construction, law-making, RBI rules, Income tax collections, GST collections and much more. However, with all these advancements, there has also come a few negatives. Such as piracy, internet scams, leaking of crucial information and other huge problems. 

With all these positives and negatives, there are huge employment opportunities that the internet has created. Streams like digital marketing, SEO, SMO, data analysis, data science, and content writing were not popular in India a decade ago. Today, with this article we will discuss the different types of SEO in digital marketing. So, let us start without wasting any time.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool which helps websites rank much higher in the search columns. It is used by millions of companies in today’s time as everyone wants to rank their company’s website on the first page of the Google search engine. This technique helps in increasing the sales and visibility for the website which in turn increases the number of potential customers. If you have an interest in SEO, you can enrol in our SEO training in Chandigarh and turn your dream into a reality with us at CBitss.

There are different types of SEO in digital marketing. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below:

1.     On-Page SEO: Keyword usage is one of the most important aspects of On-Page SEO. It involves adding meta tags, URLs and creating attractive content for the website so that it can rank much higher on the search engine. 

2.    Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO is one of the most widely used types of SEO because of its huge versatility. It involves a process called backlinking which is done by using other reputable websites. Other than that, guest posting, influencer outreach and content promotion are some other ways of Off-Page SEO.

3.    Technical SEO: Technical SEO is a very useful tool for IT and Networking companies. It aims at mentioning the technical aspects of a business and thus increasing the customer’s curiosity towards the business.

4.    Local SEO: With Local SEO, it becomes easy for local businesses to rank higher in Google searches. It helps their physical businesses by increasing the footfall in their shops or outlets.

5.    Mobile SEO: Everyone in India today has a mobile phone which has become their major source of information. Mobile SEO ensures that the website is loading quickly and is mobile user-friendly. 


In today’s time, digital marketing and SEO are two of the most sought-after skills in the market. This will keep on trending till the time we are using the internet and by looking at the speed with which our country is developing digitally, these professions are here to stay.

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Q. What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a company or a product online with the help of tools like SEO and SEM.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career option?

Yes, digital marketing is a great career option.

Q. Can I join this course after school?

Yes, this is a certification course and you can join it whenever you feel comfortable. 

Q. What is the duration of the SEO course?

The average duration of a course in SEO is 1-2 months.

Q. Will it help me acquire a decent job?

Yes, our certifications of excellence are reputed in the market and they will help you in finding a job.

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