Types of Machine Learning

Types of Machine Learning

Types of Machine Learning

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is machine learning?
  • Types of machine learning
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


With whatever we have achieved in technology, the human race is never going to be satisfied. However, we have seen this in the past, we are witnessing it now and it will happen again in the future and we can bet on it. But, whatever we say or do, it is not going to matter in the long run because this is the century of science. We may not realize this now but soon there will be a time when humans will not have to lift their fingers. Moreover, everything we want or need will automatically be available with the use of minimalistic efforts. Furthermore, It has already started happening. Although, it does need to get a little better than what we have today, we have started that cycle.

We are working on technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which by the way, many geniuses in the world have warned us about. But we still will not accept it and keep working with them. 

One of these technologies is our topic for today. We will learn what is Machine Learning and what are types of Machine Learning. It becomes doubly important for us because we are living in a country that is just on the cusp of a technological revolution. So, let us start this topic before you close this blog out of sheer boredom. 

What is Machine Learning?

A technology that can be called a direct descendent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is majorly used for developing systems and procedures for other computer systems to learn from. These guidelines help other computer systems to make better and more accurate decisions based on data and information. A Machine Learning system is not dictated by a set of rules or some sort of expectations instead, it follows a system of trial and error where it learns from experiences and improves with time. Let us see the types of Machine Learning now.

Types of Machine Learning:

Three types of Machine Learning are currently being used in the tech world right now. All three are listed below;

1.   Supervised Learning: In this type, two different types of data are fed to the Machine Learning system i.e., Input data and Output data. Here the machine is expected to make a connection between the input data and output data and then give predictions based on both datasets. 

2.  Unsupervised Learning: This is almost the opposite of the above type. In this type, the model or the machine is given data but it is not labelled as input or output. It is just fed to the model. The goal of this type of Machine Learning is to find out if there are any knots or bundles inside the data that have been fed to the model. 

3.  Reinforcement Learning: This is the most versatile form of Machine Learning that does not follow a given dataset at all.

As mentioned earlier, it employs the trial-and-error method, learning from the outcomes and rectifying any errors from previous attempts.


These technologies are made by humans for humans, but Machine Learning is something that is going to help humans a lot in the future. If you want to learn Machine Learning and make a career out of it, then CBitss has the best Machine Learning Training in Chandigarh for you.


  • Can I learn Machine Learning without a degree?

Yes, of course but you need to have some knowledge about the technology.

  • Are there good jobs in this field?

of course , Yes this is one of the most researched fields in the world today and they need more and more ML experts.

  • Is there an evening batch?

Certainly, we divide all our courses into batches, and you can enroll in the evening batch..

  • Will I get a decent job after this course?

If you learn with diligence and grasp all the skills taught to you, you will secure a good job. 

  • Can I join this course online?

No, unfortunately, none of the courses are online right now.

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