Top Android Interview Questions and Answers

Top Android Interview Questions and Answers for 2019 – CBitss

Why you are not able to run standard Java bytecode on Android?

Answer: Android utilizes Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) which requires an exceptional bytecode. First of all, we need to change Java class files into Dalvik Executable files utilizing an Android tool called “dx”. In ordinary conditions, developers will not be utilizing this tool directly and fabricating tools will care for the generation of DVM compatible files.

Can Android applications only be programmed in Java?

Answer: No, it is not required. You can program Android applications that can be created utilizing NDK in C/C++. The NDK is a toolset that enables you to execute parts of your application utilizing native-code languages for example C and C++. Regularly, great utilize cases for the NDK are CPU-intensive applications for example game engines, signal processing, and physics simulation.

The distinction between an ordinary .png and a nine-fix picture?

Answer: It is a resizable bitmap asset that can be utilized for backgrounds or other images on the gadget. NinePatch class grants drawing a bitmap in nine segments. The nine patch images have an extension as.9.png. It permits extension in 9  different ways, i.e. 4 corners that are unscaled, 4 edges that are scaled in 1 axis, and the centre one that can be scaled into both axes.

What are the distinctive storage methods in Android?

Answer: Android offers several distinct alternatives for data persistence. Shared Preferences – Store private primitive information in key-value sets. This occasionally gets constrained as it offers only key-value sets. You cannot save your individual java types. Internal Storage – Store private information on the device memory.


What is an ANR warning in Android?

Answer: ANR is short for application location Not Responding. Android frameworks show this dialogue if the application location is performing excessively tasks on the fundamental thread and has been unresponsive for quite a while.

Can you convey executable JARs on Android? Which packaging is supported by Android?

Answer: No, the Android stage does not support JAR arrangements. applications are packed into Android Package (.apk) utilizing  Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT) and afterwards conveyed onto the Android stage. Google gives Android Development Tools for Eclipse that can be utilized to produce Android Package.

How can ANR be prevented?

Answer: One procedure that keeps the Android framework from finishing up a code that has been responsive for a significant lot of time is to make a child thread. Inside the child thread, most of the actual tasks of the codes can be placed, so that the fundamental thread runs with minimal periods of unresponsive time.

Difference between Mobile application Testing and Mobile Testing?

Answer: Mobile application testing is the testing of an application on a device that mainly focuses on functions and features of the application.

And Mobile Testing is the testing of the actual mobile device and targets the mobile appearance like Call, SMS, Contacts, Media Player, inbuilt browsers, etc.

Define and clarify Android Framework.

Answer: Android structure is an arrangement of API’s utilizing which the Android developers compose code for the mobile application. It contains the strategies and classes to compose the programming code.

The android structure incorporates an alternate arrangement of tools to make an image pane, text field, buttons, etc. It also incorporates “Activities” with which the client communicates and “Services” which are the programs that kept running in the background. It is a package of various components like Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers and so on.


What is implied by Services?

Answer: Service is an Android part that keeps running in the background and acts independently. It does not provide any user interface.

Though the services are running behind the scene, clients can proceed with their work on various applications. More often, the clients don\’t know about the services which are running in the background. These services enable the framework to kill the procedure without interrupting the client\’s progressing work.

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Top Android Interview Questions and Answers

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