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PHP stands for Hypertext pre-processor. It is a scripting code language mainly used by web developers and designers to create a website or any application. So, professionals mainly use PHP embedded with HTML or any other coding language to manage or make any changes in web pages and apps. PHP certification is something that shows your expertise in your coding language. It is a widely used scripting language, so many web designers prefer to get a certificate on this as compared to any other language. Moreover,  job placements after PHP certification are also high. You can join CBitss to get more ideas about this.

PHP professionals are hired in high salary packages. Moroever , even freshers are hired with a large package. PHP professional demand is high in large firms and companies nowadays. This certification helps them to get a job efficiently. Also, they can get their desired job position with this. This certification shows the knowledge and skills of that person . Some web developers earn more than one PHP certification in their resumes. This increases the weight-age of the resume.

How to get PHP certification?

The process for PHP certification is based on what you choose or from where you are going to earn it. These are some standard processes to get PHP certification.

  • Get an education: Minimum requirement to get a PHP certification is a high school diploma or GED. Because many professionals need PHP certification that is why no need for college education persists before pursuing it. You can get your education according to the certification program you choose.
  • Choose certification: There are many organizations available in different places. They offer various certification programs for this. Here are some common aspects that you must consider.
  • Learning format: Many programmes are based online which may be challenging or convenient. You can earn PHP certification depending on the program you choose. So, you can earn it through coursework, through an exam or both.
  • Time commitment: Depending upon different courses, they require extra time . Some require more extended time and some require less . So you need to choose according to your time convenience.
  • Skill level:  Different skill levels are require for other certifications. So maybe, your skill will help you to choose the right program for you.
  • Cost:  Some higher-level certifications requires more cost as compared to some lower-level certificates. That is why it is absolutely necessary to choose a certification program that you can afford.
  • Study: Some certifications requires just passing marks or require higher marks. In both cases you need to study.  Only After that, only you can get your certificate in PHP.

Types of PHP certification

There are different types of certifications available for various PHP courses. Here is a brief idea about this:- 

Zend Certified PHP engineer: This is for an immediate level coder. So, demand all over the world is high. Some times employers use this certification to distinguish skill level of  the coder.

PHP developer certification: This certification course teaches a basic level of coding. Also, this certification course is ideal for beginners because the only prerequisite is JAVA and HTML which are today\’s most common coding language.

Courses PHP certification: This includes PHP vocabulary, PHP functions, Introduction to HTML and JavaScript and many more. This course also comes in four-levels.

W3schools PHP certification: It shows your proficiency level in PHP. This also includes the introduction and installation of PHP, an essential website operation.


A competitive advantage: This certification differentiates you from your competitor. PHP gives you a proof to show that you are better compared to others. This also increases your chances of job placement after PHP certification.

Boost efficiency: By the help of this certificate, you start your independent business. The advantages, knowledge, and skills you get by learning this can use to develop your business.

Increases your earning potential: This certification tag in your resume will help you to earn more money in your profession.

Knowledge and skill: It shows your knowledge and skill in this profession.

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