Jobs after CCNA

Jobs after CCNA

Jobs after CCNA

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  • Introduction
  • What is CCNA?
  • Jobs after CCNA
  • Conclusion
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We are on the verge of another revolution in a world where technology is always improving. In the future, technology will be far more significant than precious metals or money. The technologically most sophisticated country will prevail. Others will only be able to depend on other countries. In India, inventions have risen to their maximum points over the past ten or so years. Before it, all technology and applications were imported and manufactured elsewhere. We are currently the third-largest country in terms of startups, nevertheless. Our highly gifted kids have demonstrated to the rest of the world that we are in no way inferior to anyone in terms of developing and mastering contemporary technology.

Today, we are here to discuss one of the biggest questions every young person can relate to. “When will I get a good job?”. This question haunts a lot of youngsters till they find a job and get hired by their HR team. But today, we will also discuss a certification that can help you acquire not one but a bunch of jobs. You will be a hot candidate for many companies and jobs after CCNA. So, let us delve into the topic and start without wasting any time. 

What is CCNA?

The international business Cisco offers a certification program called CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate. You can venture into the networking sector with confidence if you have this certification in your possession. With this certification, you may be sure that your understanding of networking, specifically using Cisco networking tools and technologies, has been validated. If you include this credential on your CV, it will benefit you. It is given such a high priority in the IT industry because of this. Come to CBitss with us if you believe you have what it takes to become a networking whiz. We have hand-picked the best CCNA training in Chandigarh particularly for you.

Jobs after CCNA?

There is a plethora of jobs that you can apply for if you have a certification like CCNA in your resume. Some examples are given below:

1.  Network Administrator: An organisation’s network infrastructure is managed and maintained by Network administrators. This job requires a very highly skilled employee who can handle routers and servers and monitor network performance.

2. Network Engineer: Almost all the companies in the world need network engineers to optimise and upgrade their firm’s network infrastructure from time to time. 

3. Network Support Technician: Network support technicians are appointed by companies for the human dependent leg-work in case a customer of the company has any issues with their networking infrastructure. 

4. Network Security Specialist: Every company needs to have a network security specialist in case of any unauthorised breaches and data thefts. They specialise in solving critical security issues in the network infrastructure.

5. Wireless Network Engineer: Wireless networks are increasingly becoming more and more popular. This is especially true in the case of mobile apps and their increasing use. 

6.  Cloud Network Engineer: As we all know Cloud computing is on the rise and the requirement for Cloud network engineers is also rising. 


In conclusion, we think that CCNA is one of the best certifications and is very well accepted all over the world today. This has become the new gold standard in the world of networking.


Q. What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

The age limit for joining this course is 13 years. So if a student wants to join the course, he/she would need their parent’s consent. 

Q. Is this course good for my career?

Yes, of course, you will be regarded and approached by many companies once you have this certification.

Q. Does your institute place students in companies?

No, unfortunately, we do not. But we can promise you that we will make you as skilled as one can be in this field.

Q. What is the duration of the course?

The average number of courses related to CCNA is around 6 months year.

Q. Can I get this course online?

No, currently we offer all our courses in offline form.

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