How to become the best programmer?

How to become the best programmer?

How to become the best programmer

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is a programmer?
  • How to become a best programmer?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


We live in the era of space exploration and robots. With more and more new technology coming in, we don’t even have that much storage space with us to keep that technology safe. All the apps on our phones and laptops are the result of this technological advancement. But have you ever wondered, “Where is this technology coming from?”. 

Having a phone in your hands is merely one part of this epic tech we have created. The most intense part of this technology is its making and manufacturing. You will be shocked to see how much manpower and labour has gone behind making the phone that you are using right now. Yes, automation and machine learning have also enhanced a lot but we cannot replicate the exact things human intelligence can do. That is why we need to develop these technologies to decrease human effort and increase machine capabilities. But who does that?

This is exactly why I am writing this blog and why you are reading this article. Today we will discuss what a programmer is and how to become a best programmer. So, let us start and dive into the topic without wasting any time.

What is a programmer?

A programmer is nothing but a software engineer whose main job is to design and create new software and applications. Every app on your phone was initially planned and designed by a programmer. That’s why programming is becoming such a popular profession. If you have a knack for programming and you think you have what it takes to become a programmer, we at CBitss have the perfect Fullstack developer course in Chandigarh for you that can help you realise all your dreams. Come and start your programming journey with CBitss. 

How to become a best programmer?

1.   Learn the Basics of Programming: You will have to join a basic programming institute to start your journey. There you will be able to learn and practice some of the basic programming tools. 

2.  Online Resources and Courses: You can use online platforms in India as they are also creating some commendable learning options for students who want to study from home. 

3. Practice Regularly: Practice is the key element that will make you the best programmer. 

4. Work on Projects: Practicing on random projects builds muscle memory. This will help you remember all the formulas, codes and languages for a much longer time. 

5. Learn Algorithms and Data Structures: The rule for mastering any subject is to master all of its aspects. Algorithms and data structures 2 of the most important parts of programming.

6. Participate in Coding Communities: When you interact with fellow coders and programmers, your knowledge and understanding of the subject increases. 

7. Contribute to Open Source: When you contribute to open-source platforms, your coding skills improve rapidly.


In conclusion, programming is basically the lifeline of all technology that is present in the market today. If tomorrow all the programmers vanish from the face of the Earth, the whole technology and the market built around it will collapse. 


Q. When can I join the course?

We have multiple batches and you can join any batch you prefer.

Q. Is this course available online?

No, we are not offering online courses currently.

Q. Can I join this course during school?

Yes, but you would need a consent letter from your parents first.

Q. Can this course help me get a job as a programmer?

Yes, our certifications are recognised all over India and can help you land a decent job.

Q. Is this course degree-oriented?

No, this is a certification course, you can join a degree after completing the course.

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