What is CCNA

CCNA- The Stairs towards Advancement in IT

What is CCNA?

As the name suggests, CCNA certification course is developed by Cisco. It is very beneficial for professionals looking for a part in the digital transformation initiatives that will greatly contribute to new-age infrastructure and businesses. Achieving this certificate is the first app towards making a career in it. With this certificate, one has to pass the exam, which covers a broad range of syllabus, including its fundamentals, which are based on the latest developments in the networking technologies software industry and various other fields.

How to get started                               

This Cisco certified networking associate certification challenges test the skills and knowledge of a person. The IQ of the person tested in various fields like network fundamentals, access to various networks, IP services, cybersecurity, programmability abilities of a person. To prepare for this exam, one needs to download the blueprint of the exam, which will be the key framework of the preparation. Joining the Chandigarh CCNA community for strong base build up regarding this exam

Checking out the training options includes CCNA preparation bundle instructor-led training classes, various self-study resources, and most importantly, the hard work needed to ace this exam.

This certification has been issued to boost the networking industry and has changed many lives and shaped the network worldwide as we know it off today. With each advancement in the field of technology, new editions of security automation and various other protocols are being added as we speak and this certification is one of the most crucial things which will help greatly if someone is trying to launch is it a career.

What are the qualifications for eligibility criteria for CCNA CERTIFICATION?

There are no formal prerequisites for these certifications. Among the candidates who appeared for this exam, these are the most basic things that they possess

  • One or more years of experience in the implementation and administration of various IT solutions in the IT sector
  • Knowledge of the basic IP address.
  • A very good base and fundamental understanding of the networking industry.
  • Cisco certified network associate training

Why choose CBITSS Cisco certified network associate certification training?

  • It is a globally recognized CCNA certification, the training of which is guided by expert instructors.
  • One can get a complete and fundamental understanding of the international network operations and the infrastructure of enterprises of all sizes.
  • Enhancement of the IT career prospects by the illustration of this CCNA certificate.
  • The CBI TSS gives expert instructors and exclusive resources for the clearance of this entrance exam.

Why should one avail of CCNA Certification?

The fundamentals of the networking industry include the top-level visualization switching concepts and the various components of network

The configuration of the IP protocols and networks, the installation and operation, and the up-gradation of ipv4 to IPv6 protocols

For the performances of the initial configuration and the installation of switches to do that configuration

The implementation and the basic understanding of the routing of a Cisco router.

Person-to-person host-to-host communication through these various switches and routers.

The evolvement of various common problems with ipv4 addressing and the network issues that arise from it.

Getting a faint idea about the VLAN routing inter VLAN routing and trunks

Getting a hang about the spanning tree protocol and the rapid spanning tree protocol.

How do wheel visualize the networking architectures and how to introduce them in the networking infrastructure and its advancement.

Features of the CCNA certification course

Certified networking assistant certification training is led by various professionals and instructors.

  • Expert CCNA instructors who will be ready to help you at any time
  • Accredited and best resourceful materials for the preparation of this exam
  • Globally recognized industry course completion certificate upon the completion of these exams
  • Training across various places all around the globe.

Benefits of CCNA certification from CBITSS

After getting the CCNA certification from the CBITSS, one can demonstrate their expertise and skills to move in their career as a CCNA certified professional. One can achieve a worldwide recognized standard for the administration of Cisco solutions for enterprises globally.


CCNA training in Chandigarh can boost the confidence of a professional in the IT sector. One can create a better password in the career. It is professional with widely acknowledged CCNA certification. Become a global professional with the industry\’s most recognized and respected certification, the CCNA certificate.

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