What is UI UX

 What is UI UX?

 What is UI UX

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  • What is UI UX?
  • Its uses
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Living in a world of technology, one might wonder where all this innovation is coming from. The world is living on digital instruments these days. If you take away a person’s smartphone from them, their life will come to a halt instantly. We have become so addicted to our technologies that we cannot survive a day without them. Our phones have everything in them that we need. There is an app for every single thing in the world, food, clothing, online shopping, automobile repair, online hair salon bookings, online air tickets booking, and whatnot. All these apps have made the human race dependent on their technology.

This was a brilliant tactic in a way. Getting everyone hooked on these apps and then extracting money out of their customers. With time, these apps also started becoming heavily upgraded. Today apps are far better than the apps we saw just 2 years ago. But have you ever wondered, where all these upgrades are coming from?

This is the question we are going to address today. With this article, we will gather some information about what is UI UX and what are its uses. So, let us start the topic of discussion without any delay;

What is UI UX?

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are the two most important facets of any mobile or web application/software. This UI/UX development is one of the most highly demanded-skills in the digital industry today. UI/UX developers and engineers are the backbone of this Digital India. Whatever apps we were discussing earlier, every web service that we use or every social media app that makes us happy has a lot of effort put in by a UI/UI developer. These people make the app or website smoother and better looking for the customers. Their job is mainly to beautify the application so that the user has a pleasant navigating experience while they are on the app. 

This is a highly flourishing industry that is not showing any signs of slowing down at all. A career as a UI/UX developer is one of the best career choices in today’s day and age. If you think you have a knack for something like this. Don’t waste your time and join us at CBitss Technologies for a UI UX design course in Chandigarh. We have some of the best trainers in the market and we want to share our experiences with our young generation budding UI UX developers. 

Uses of UI/UX:

There is a plethora of services where UI/UX is involved deeply. Some of them are mentioned below:

Web Design and Development: Developing visually attractive and easy-to-use applications for companies and customers. 

Mobile App Development: Creating highly attractive mobile apps that reel in customers.

Software Development: Creating new software for companies that want to stay in the limelight, these UI/UX developers help them in this matter.

E-commerce: Every one of us reading this article knows about online shopping. These UI UX developers create visually appealing e-commerce websites to attract buyers.                                                                                      

Gaming: Online gaming has become a major profession since the pandemic. UI UX developers play an important role in creating immersive and engaging games.

These are just a few examples of what UI/UX developers are capable of right now. There are many departments which I couldn’t add here while typing this article.


UI/UX development is one of the most important professions today. We all are using their work right now and we don’t even realise this. In conclusion, this profession is going to stay relevant for a very long time because its demand is only going to rise in the future.


Is UI/UX designing good as a career option?

    It is one of the best career choices you can ever make as the demand for a skilled UI/UX designer is increasing day by day.

    What is the duration of a course in UI/UX training?

    The duration will depend on the institution that you choose to complete your training with. 

    Can I join this course after school?

    You can, but for that also you need to have a basic knowledge of computers and how the UI/UX systems work.

    Is there a minimum age for this course?

    There is no minimum age requirement for this course.

    Is this course expensive?

    This course is not very expensive. It deals with a specific area of work and isn’t that heavy on your pockets. 

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