What is CCNA

What is CCNA & qualifications do you need to study?

There are many vendor qualifications for IT qualifications, so you may be wondering which qualification to choose. Therefore, as a recommended qualification for network engineers who are said to be chronically deficient this time, “CCNA” is one of the “Cisco technician certifications” that can prove the necessary knowledge and skills worldwide.

What is CCNA (Certified Cisco Technician)?

In the networking sector, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is a normative and required credential. Because you can learn the skills necessary to work as a network engineer in addition to the knowledge required for the qualification, it can be claimed that it is a practical degree. If you have a certification from CCNA training in Chandigarh, you can shift jobs and advance your career.

What are the benefits of getting a Cisco Certified Network Associate?

If you wish to work as a network engineer, having this qualification will give you an advantage in seeking employment or changing companies because it is packed with the knowledge needed for the position, including an understanding of networks and Cisco products that are frequently used in industry.

Some CCNA training in Chandigarh offer CCNA qualifications, so you can\’t miss the benefits of increased salaries.

The number of cloud engineers developing systems based on cloud services has recently increased with the expansion of cloud services. Because network knowledge is useful even when using cloud services. It can be claimed that this accreditation is equally beneficial for cloud engineers.

After obtaining Cisco Certified Network Associate

Today, networks are necessary and play an ever-increasing role in society, including several businesses and organizations. Network engineers with a focus on this area are becoming more and more necessary.

The most entry-level certification, the CCNA, can objectively demonstrate knowledge and skills. This certification makes it in demand from many employers and a valuable aid in starting a career as a network engineer.

What are the CCNA question content and question format?

The CCNA exam has the characteristic of including practical content, but what is the specific method?

Contents to be asked                               

The following six topics are specified as the knowledge and skills of the examinees required for the CCNA test on Cisco Systems’ official website.

  • A working understanding of networks
  • Access to networks,
  • IP connection,
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals;
  • automation; and Programmability

As indicated above, the Cisco Skills Certification Program has five grades, however, the tests include additional divisions. The “200-301 CCNA” test is the only type of exam available and does not have any subtypes.

Exam question format

The CBT (Computer-Based Testing) technique is the name given to the CCNA question format, in which answers are entered into a computer rather than on a question or answer sheet.

It is a format in which the majority of questions are picked by mouse action, drag-and-drop questions, simulation questions requiring command input via the keyboard, etc.

The CCNA is distinguished by the fact that it incorporates practical operations. The qualifying test gives the idea that it is a mark sheet method or a test that fills up an answer sheet.

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