What is Adobe Photoshop

What is Adobe Photoshop?

What is Adobe Photoshop

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We live in the age of technology and this decade is deemed to be the decade of DATA. Moreover, everything around us can be calculated in the form of data and we consume and produce a large chunk of it through the internet. We use social media every day and post pictures and other crucial information. Therefore, our location and our personal space are getting smaller and smaller by the hour. The more we share, the higher we increase the risk of getting hacked by an unknown person who doesn’t even know our real name, but the information we willingly spare to the world is enough for him to hack our accounts. That’s something we have to think about if we want the next generation to be safe. 

Furthermore, using social media is a norm in today’s time and posting pictures is like a hobby. These apps even pay some internet influencers for posting their content and pictures. This is where Adobe comes in and helps these creators in creating the best picture they can. Using Adobe Photoshop, they can edit and modify their images if they want to. 

Today, with this article we are to learn about the basics of Adobe Photoshop and its features. So, let us start without wasting any time.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

As mentioned above, Adobe is an image and video editing software that has been ruling the editing market for decades. People have been using Adobe for a long time and it has proved to be a great software when it comes to image editing. even filmmakers and YouTubers use Adobe for their photoshoots and videos. It has always been a popular platform because it has captured a huge chunk of the market. Moreover, by constantly updating and enhancing the features of the software, the company has gained the confidence of its users. Now, even if there is a competitor in the market, they won’t be able to compete with the best. 

Some of the best features of the software are mentioned below:

1.   Image Editing:

Cropping, resizing and adjusting brightness, contrast, and colour levels of the image, all of this becomes much easier when you have access to Adobe software. 

2.   Layers:

This is an amazing feature that helps the user to work on different elements of an image independently. Therefore, the user can edit and remaster the file without damaging it.

3.   Selection Tools:

The user has access to various selection tools such as Marquee and Lasso. These help the user to isolate various parts of the picture and work on them independently.

4.   Retouching and Correction:

This feature is the main use of Photoshop. People who want their image to be remodeled or want something to be removed from the picture can use this feature without any hassle.

5.   Filters and Effects:

Filters are all the rage today because of Instagram and Snapchat. You can apply a wide range of filters to the images using Adobe.

6.   Text and Typography:

If you want to add/remove or manipulate the already existing text in the image, this software is what you need.

These are a handful of features that the Adobe Photoshop software consists of. There are a bunch of more features but it was not possible to write about all of them. 


However, adobe is one of the oldest and most used software in the world. Therefore, it has been ruling this field for decades now. However, it will be very tough to dethrone it now. But, if you have a knack for image editing and want to learn all about it, we have the best graphic designing course in Chandigarh for you.


Q. What is the duration of the Adobe course?

However, the course is around 4-6 months depending on the level of expertise you would like to achieve.

Q. Is Adobe learning well for my career?

Yes, of course adobe is one of the highest-demanded skills in the market and there is a lot of demand for experts.

Q. Can I learn this skill in college?

Yes, of course this is a highly in-demand skill and it will not take much time of your day.

Q. Is the course expensive?

The course isn’t that expensive and anyone can afford it.

Q. What will be the timings of classes?

There are multiple batches that you can choose from according to your timetable. 

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