What is tally

Tally ERP9 introduction, features and vouchers

Introduction –

What is tally

  • What is tally
  • Features-of-tally
  • Types of Voucher in Tally

What is Tally?

In our lives, accounting is very important. To prepare and maintain records in the business, it is very important for the preparation of various accounts in government offices and for businessmen. Accounting is equally important for every person as much as money. Tally  means that accounting should be done to keep accounting and keeping records. Mama was said to say what was spent today. How much was spent on acquiring the goods? All these works come under the Tally.

It is an accounting software, which is Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a computer software manufactured by a multinational Indian company, in general colloquial it is seen by adding accounting, keeping an accounting of any company\’s financial transaction (income/expense) in its business is accounting. In earlier times, it is kept in writing by hand in writing, with the changes of time, today the computer is used to maintain the company\’s account.

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When it comes to accounting on a computer, the only software that comes in the mind is Tally. The company\’s main office in Bangalore, which deals with business practices and accounts, is stored in the computer. Tally software is very popular in many other countries other than India, it is the most important aspect in business management.

In the book register diary, we draw a line from the pencil to the line and make the arrangement and arranges everything together and also calculator for counting. In addition to this, a software is available on the computer without any hassle making graph Checking Accounting, keeping records can be done all easily, this is the only Tally ERP9 & GST

Like employees of Companion employees, income on company\’s resources, various bank accounts, transaction records, all these work of tails.

With the expansion of business types, the development and utilization of the it is also being done separately and easily.

Tally ERP9 is the most popular financial accounting software in India and abroad. Because of its easy-to-use, simplicity, user compatibility and reliability, it has earned reputation among the chartered accountants, editors and other financial institutions. Tally is being used by almost every company for its accounting purposes, from small business to large establishments. They want trained employees who know computer use and talented. Traditional book accounting methods have been completely replaced with Tally.

Tally\’s initial release was Tally 4.5 version. This DOS based software was released in the early 1990\’s. This was the basic financial accounting tool. Personal computers in those days were gaining popularity in India. Peutronics (Tally Developing Company) took advantage of this opportunity and presented its tally 4.5 version in the market. The auditors and accountants who used to calculate the bulk of the fat-bound books were used to calculate balance sheets and profit-loss accounts within a few moments, after being able to calculate the ability to tally. To do all this, we have to create mere lasers and enter vouchers

Tally does the rest of the work. He will make all the statements for us, trial balance and balance sheet.

Tally forward Tally, 5.4, Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2 Tally 8.1 and Tally 9.0 versions were released. Under these volumes, the inventory used for stock management of the company, payroll for workers\’ pay calculation and wage payments and support for payroll payments and Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and many other Indian languages Multilingual support has been included for.

In the tally, the user can do the following.

Features of tally ERP9 :

Following are the Features of Tally.ERP 9:

  • Interest Calculation:
  • Cost Centres and Profit Centres
  • Multi-currency:
  • Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Cash and Fund Flow
  • Bank Accounting
  • Cheque Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • e-Payments

Voucher in Tally ERP9:

Vouchers are used to enter into transactions in the trade i.e. the transaction.

Example: purchase invoice, sales receipt, bank interest statement, etc.

“A voucher is a financial transaction. ”

Types of Voucher

  • Contra Voucher (F4)
  • Payment Voucher (F5)
  • Receipt Voucher (F6)
  • Journal Voucher (F7)
  • Sales Voucher (F8)
  • Credit Note Voucher (Ctrl + F8)
  • Purchase Voucher (F9)
  • Debit Note Voucher (Ctrl + F9)
  • Reversing Voucher (F10)
  • Memo Voucher (Ctrl + F10)

1. Contra Voucher (F4): The Contra Voucher is used to transfer funds. In the Contra Voucher, the transactions between cash and bank are recorded. That’s why only cash and bank related ledgers are displayed in it.

Example :

  • Cash deposited into bank
  • Cash withdraw from bank
  • Check deposit into bank
  • Check Receive from bank

2. Payment Voucher : This voucher is used to keep a record of all types of transactions related to the payment, whether the payment is in cash or through the bank.

Example :

  • Salary paid
  • Wages Paid to Mohan
  • Cash paid to Shyam
  • Discount given on goods
  • Rent Paid

3. Receipt Voucher : Receipt Voucher is used for entry related to receipt.

Example :

  • Cash receive from aman
  • Salary Receive
  • Rent Receive
  • Commission receive to ram

4. Journal Voucher : Journal vouchers are an adjustment voucher, so it is used for normal entry.

Example :

  • Credit Assets Purchase / Sales
  • Drawings / Donation / Charity as Goods
  • Goods Distributed as Free Sample
  • Loss by fire / Loss by theft
  • Any Adjustment Entry

5. Sales Voucher: Sales voucher is used to sell all the transactions related to the sale, whether cash or borrowed.


  • Sold goods worth 1500
  • Selling furniture to Mohan
  • Rama sold cash machines
  • Sanjay sold the goods.

6. Purchase Voucher: Purchase Voucher is used to purchase all the transactions related to purchasing, whether cash or borrowed.


  • Furniture Purchase
  • Machine Purchase from Sohan
  • Goods Purchase from Mohan by cash
  • Building Sold

7. Credit Note Voucher: Credit note Voucher is used for entry related to the sale of the sale, apart from this, it is also used to enter the discount on the goods. Before using this voucher, it has to be activated. To activate it, pressing F11 key has to be done using yes.

Example :

  • Sold out goods
  • 10% discount on the goods sold

8. Debit Note Voucher: The Debit Note Voucher is used to enter into the relate to the purchase return, apart from this, it is also used to enter the discount on merchandise. Before using this voucher, it has to be activated. To activate it, pressing F11 key has to be done using yes.


  • Bought back the goods
  • 10% discount on purchased goods

9. Reversing Voucher: This is a special type of voucher that automatically becomes similar to a journal voucher after a certain period. This voucher is used to reverse the entry.

10. Memo Voucher: This is a non-accounting voucher. It is used for memory related entry. The effect of the entry made in this voucher does not affect any statement.

Example :

  • Advance salary given to the employee.
  • Office expenses.
  • Goods given to Shiva.

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