PHP Training in Chandigarh | Which PHP course is best?
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PHP Training in Chandigarh | Which PHP course is best?

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Mastering PHP: A Pathway to a Successful Career in Backend Development

PHP Training Chandigarh widespread use in creating dynamic websites, the PHP programming language is justifiably regarded as one of the most well-liked. It is used to create the vast majority of online applications currently in use. Leading hosting companies support them, which offers the language promising futures. Because of this, learning PHP is crucial work for inexperienced software engineers, and completing it is the first step in developing a fruitful professional career as a programmer. Enrolling in the BEST PHP COURSE IN CHANDIGARH SECTOR 34 might be a practical alternative for people who are interested in learning PHP in order to obtain the skills and knowledge required to become a skilled PHP developer.

What is PHP Qualification?

To learn PHP, no formal qualifications are needed. However, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before starting the BEST PHP TRAINING COURSE IN CHANDIGARH SECTOR 34. The PHP training courses cater to both novices and seasoned programmers seeking to boost their expertise in PHP programming.

The courses encompass a broad spectrum of themes, including server-side scripting, web application development, object-oriented programming, database connectivity, and security. You will acquire the skills to create dynamic web pages, engage with databases, manage user input, and build web applications utilizing PHP.


Professional programmers have the view that learning PHP should only be done by beginners because it is most effective when used to create tiny products. The scenario is actually quite the contrary. The majority of international projects are built using PHP.

Giving the names of two social networks—VKontakte and Facebook—as well as a few content management systems—1C-Bitrix, Drupal, or WordPress—is sufficient. The three systems above are among the most popular. It’s vital to remember that the acronym CMS stands for platforms for the creation and subsequent management of websites.

The fact that PHP is used to program a sizable portion of Google services and other modern platforms, as well as other major world or domestic brands (NASA, Wikipedia, and many others), is another evidence of PHP’s tremendous relevance in today’s world.

It should be emphasized that one of PHP’s main benefits is its ability to quickly master basic programming skills. Such a low entry threshold allows you to develop small sites in almost 3-4 weeks after the start of training. At the same time, the language features – in the case of the development of the programmer’s professional skills- are not limited, which allows you to successfully solve the most complex tasks of creating highly loaded industry solutions.

Is it possible to learn PHP in a month?

Yes, you can learn PHP in a month, but how quickly you learn will rely on your commitment and available time. Given the relative simplicity of PHP, you can quickly become an expert PHP programmer with the right guidance and learning resources.

Depending on the course’s objectives and the length of time required to complete them, PHP training programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Online PHP training programs are a well-liked choice since they give students flexibility and convenience. You can access the course materials at any time, anywhere, and learn at your own pace.

Importance of PHP Training Chandigarh Online

Online PHP training is a popular choice for students who wish to learn PHP from the convenience of their homes. Online PHP training programs give you the freedom to study at your own speed and have access to the course materials from any location at any time.

To aid in the development of your skills, online PHP training courses frequently contain video lectures, interactive quizzes, and practical projects. Through online discussion boards and forums, you can also communicate with lecturers.

Numerous PHP courses come with certificates that attest to your education and improve your resume. Numerous PHP training programs offer certificates upon completion, which can show prospective employers that you are a skilled PHP programmer. The course content, length, and level of achievement may all be listed on the certificate. Additionally, some courses provide the chance to pass an exam and receive a certification that is recognized in the industry.

Summing up

For backend development, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages. In today’s work market, PHP developers are among the most sought-after specialists. A substantial selection of PHP source code editors and specialized multipurpose services that are intended to streamline and accelerate program development are valuable extras. Wide distribution, very simple study, and the opportunity to work in a specialty after 1-2 months of training in courses are some of its key benefits. Enrol in the BEST PHP TRAINING COURSE IN CHANDIGARH online so that you may learn at your own speed from the comfort of your home and obtain a certificate that will help you stand out as a learner and enhance your resume.

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Php Training

Benefits of Doing PHP training

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Today, the digital devices operate everything in our surroundings , in one way or the other. Operating the programs in digital systems is based upon the codes developed in the programming languages. PHP is one of them. It is a prevalent programming language. You must have heard about famous sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and many more. All of them use PHP at one point or the another. One of the significant advantages of using PHP training is that it is open-source. You can install it for free, unlike other licensed programming languages. 

Also, open-source programming languages can be used for free. We can create various combinations using them.

PHP is an acronym used for Hypertext Preprocessor. Many companies prefer it as it has a good speed. Moreover, you can embed it in an HTML template which makes it easier to learn. As it has a high demand in industries, the career scope of PHP in Chandigarh is excellent.

A brief introduction to PHP

PHP is an acronym used for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is one of the oldest programming languages used. It is a server-side scripting language mainly used for back-end development. PHP supports many platforms. It may have some issues; still, the benefits overcome the errors. Therefore, everyone use it widely for the website development. Many people use it because it is open-source. It works well on the Linux operating system which is also an open-source platform.

Moreover, it connects you with the databases such as MySQL. MySQL is also open-source. This combination can be used for developing different programs for free.

Features of PHP training

There are many advantages of using PHP. The credit can be given to its unique features. Following are some of the features which have led to its popularity: – 

1. Speed 

One of the most significant advantages of using PHP is its speed. It offers a fantastic speed that can you can use to create the programs or write the codes faster. 

2. Open-source 

As we have mentioned earlier, it is an open-source programming language. This makes it completely free to use. You don’t have to purchase the product. In addition, it is straightforward to install.

3. Easy to learn 

PHP is an HTML based programming language. You can use the HTML template to code for PHP. This makes it easier to learn. Even if you are new to programming languages, PHP can be understood easily. At CBitss, we have professional teachers who can guide you to learn the PHP programming language more efficiently.

4. Job opportunities 

Many big websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, etc. and about 80% of web companies use PHP. The career scope of PHP training in Chandigarh is excellent as it is an active industrial area.

5. Flexibility 

It is one of the most advantageous features of PHP. Also, PHP  is not dependent on a platform. People also use it with many operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS, windows, etc. On top of that, it also supports many popular web servers, making PHP a cost-effective option.

Different scopes after PHP

There are many scopes in PHP training. You can either use it for your start-up or add it to your CV to get a good job.

  • Command-line scripting 
  • Server-side scripting 
  • Desktop application development 
  • Web development or designing 
  • Computer programming 

Following are some of the job posts which you can opt for after the training course in PHP.

  • PHP developer 
  • Web developer 
  • WordPress developer 
  • Software developer


If you want to enter the programming world, then PHP is one of the best choices. Even if you are new to coding, PHP is straightforward to learn. It is one of the most common languages in industries. Companies offer to search for PHP professionals. Therefore, PHP is a good career option. You will have a variety of jobs to choose from  and you can get a good salary too.

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php web development trends

Ultimate Guide to Latest Php Web Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2021

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The year 2020 witnessed a variety of changes and updates within the web development domain. The scope of PHP creation is broad enough to recognize that it will exist for an extended period of time after all; PHP covers more than 50 per cent of websites in the world.
Some label it as crappy, mediocre and outdated. Although all PHP updates have seen significant changes since version 7, most developers don’t see PHP going toe-to-toe with other programming languages. In the same way, for a short time, PHP web development has also been stale and in need of drastic improvement.

PHP Web Development Trends in 2021


Businesses are rapidly investing in the development of cloud infrastructure.78.9 per cent of websites use the PHP server-side programming language and the cloud to get the benefits of both technologies. According to the report by providing an affordable, flexible and versatile web solution, this constructive approach would benefit them.


Another major PHP web creation pattern for the interface is the receptive web. The most visited website that people check on there is social networks such as Facebook, Emails, Twitter, and even e-commerce sites, including eBay and Amazon. 

Website owners must ensure that websites are sensitive in order to make them more users friendly and provide the easiest experience. You can easily build a good range of applications and websites compatible with the needs of your web development by having various PHP web development resources and frameworks. For Website creation, you will use a range of preferred PHP frameworks, such as Codeigniter, cake PHP and symphony.

Other increasing trends that keep the user interested in the website are information graphics, multimedia presentations and visual effects.
Flash is additionally used to create a 3D interaction which will be games or banner ads. The header bar is used to define the services provided. Parallax scrolling is another game-changing trend that’s wont to provide images and banners with a 3D effect.

3)  Tools for PHP WEB creation and IOT go well

In essence, PHP Web development tools are a complex virtual framework with distinctive technologies and IoT technology may also be three-layer virtual structures that require a dynamic language to enhance the overall coding structure.
The PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and Codeigniter are better adapted to IoT development requirements that make it the only solution possible. As the easiest support for app developers, PHP web development and IOT come together because they offer new ways for app users to experience the digital world like never before. The new PHP 7 makes it easiest for web developers to access programming, enabling PHP code to easily execute multiple tasks in one script.

Hiring a PHP developer with a proven success record is imperative to form your business apps as per your business needs.  


You will introduce comprehensive cybersecurity solutions with PHP development tools to protect your website and web applications.
It’s because a gradual change has been seen within the type of shopping today. Instead of roaming around within the local market, people prefer to shop online.  The use of credit/debit cards and mobile wallets has changed this online shopping pattern.
Some prominent mobile wallets that are commonly used by people include Google Wallet, Amazon Pay and PayPal.
If the application of your business is an application supported mobile commerce, you would like to also integrate a sort of payment gateway for your online users.
You can choose the right PHP framework like Phalcon which’s a well-documented PHP framework for asset management, security and caching. Or, you’ll choose Codeigniter which can be a lightweight PHP framework to feature the only encryption features to your website.


Undoubtedly, Chatbots is the simplest example of machine language and AI that has gained popularity in recent years. Consistent with the newest trends, PHP tools and frameworks are the simplest to create a chatbot because PHP is an open-source language that’s also easy to use for developers. It’s an important tool that will assist you to create the simplest Chatbot for your website in less time.

Few the chatbots built using PHP frameworks offer a level of conversation experience so authentic that you simply can’t decide if you’re lecturing a person’s being or a robot.


From below view famous PHP frameworks, these frameworks is widely employed by developers. If I mention web app development, then these are the famous PHP Frameworks.


It is among the famous PHP frameworks within the market today. Laravel enables developers to consider core fundamentals with the PHP server-side programming language. It permits developers to specialize in core fundamentals with even scaling benefits and rapid development with codes.
Laravel Features
• MVC Architecture Support
• ORM (Object Relational Mapping) Support
• Artisan available
• Libraries & Modular
• Database Migration System


Codeigniter may be a complete set of libraries, tools, and components. It’s a PHP MVC based framework utilized for developing web app rapidly. This system provides libraries out of the box to correlate with the database and perform various operations such As uploading files, sending emails, handling sessions, etc.
Features of Codeigniter
• Model-View-Controller Based System
• Full-Featured database classes
• Query Builder Database Support
• Form and Data Validation
• Security and XSS Filtering
• Session Management
• Email Sending Class


Cake PHP offers a superb set of libraries that have helpful components. It’s a contemporary open-source framework that grants a quick application development process to businesses. This framework helps the enterprises to succeed in highly potent and specific websites by grasping the straightforward procedure.
Cake PHP Features:
• MVC architecture support
• Composer based installer
• Code generation, and scaffolding tools
• MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, and SQLite

Another good entry in our list of the simplest PHP frameworks is Yii, and it is a worthy rival.  Yii is the next strong entry in our listing of the simplest PHP frameworks and it’s a worthy competitor.
Yii and other PHP frameworks allow developers to make the full-fledged web app within a shorter time. This Yii supports encourages Cruding (creating, reading, updating, and deleting)

Yii Features:
• Offer Great Security.
• Highly extensible and advanced technologies.
• Simple installation.
• Extreme acceleration for performance.
• CRUD feature and straightforward form validation.


The global IT outsourcing market is skyrocketing at a breakneck speed.  The more reason is that outsourcing is a sort of low cost. That is why, in many regions of the world, most American and European countries employ PHP construction companies that offer cheaper services.  This particular trend has been encouraged by the significant disparity in current prices.

Trends in PHP Web creation are extremely complex. Php training in Chandigarh makes it simple for PHP web developers to essentially create dynamic websites. Treads are another value offered by PHP applications and frameworks. It is therefore important for every organization to ensure that they are aware of new technological advances and updates to beat their competitors.


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MySQL Data Types

  • Introduction to MySQL Data Types
  • Rules for using MySQL Data Types
  • Different MySQL Data Types

Introduction to MySQL Data Types

Before creating Tables, you should know about data types. Data types have an elegant role while creating tables. . Every column stores a different kind of value in any table. Data types are used to define what kind of value the store will store. Every column is defined when creating the data type table.

Imagine that you are creating a table that will store information about employees. In this table, you want to add a column that will store the names of the employees. For this column, you will define character data type while creating a table. This is similar to creating a variable in a programming language.

In this tutorial, I’m just telling you about data types. You can learn how to use them in the tables. MySQL data types can be divided into 4 major categories.

  1. Numeric
  2. Character String
  3. Binary String
  4. Temporal   


Rules For Defining Data Types

Before discussing these data types in detail, let’s try to know some of the rules that you should keep in mind while decrying data types.

  1. You should use the same data type that will represent your data properly.
  2. You should define a data type that can define the data at least in memory space. By doing so you save resources.
  3. You should use a data type that can store the maximum value of your data.

Now let’s try to know more about the data types used in MySQL.

Numeric Data Types

Numeric data types are used to store numeric values. Numeric types have been divided into 4 categories. These are being given below.


Integer types are used to store whole numbers. Whole numbers are numbers that do not have fractional parts (decimal and numbers after that). Integer types have been divided into 5 categories according to size.

Types Explanation
Tinyint This is an integer data type to store a very small value. In it, you can store any number from 128 to 128.
Smallint This data type is used to store more value than tinyint. In it, you can store a value of -32768 to 32768.
Medium Int This is the data type to store a medium size value. Its range ranges from -8388608 to 8388607.
Int This is the most popular integer type, in which you can store values from -2147483648 to 2147483648.
Big Int This is the largest integer type and you can store any value up to 9223372036854775807.


Floating Point

Floating point numbers are numbers that include the fractional part (decimal and the number after that). Floating-point numbers have been divided into 2 categories according to size.

Type   Explanation
Float   Float single-precision (7 digits after decimals) is the floating-point type. Its size is 4 bytes.
Double   This is a double-precision floating point type. Its size is 8 bytes.

Fixed Point Types

Fixed point data types are used to store decimal numbers. Decimal numbers contain a number that is an integer, in which the fractional part can also be included. The special thing about this data type is that in it you can store only fractional parts. You can also control values ​​as if you want to store 2 values ​​after decimals, you can also do this by using this data type.

Bit Type

The bit data type presents the bit field value. In the Bit data type, you add width, it shows how many bits of the value to store.

Example – bit_column BIT (4)

Character String Data Types

Character string data types represent alphanumeric values ​​(number and character). The character string is a very valuable data type, many programming languages ​​use it. There are 3 types of character string data types in MySQL, let’s try to know them.

Type   Explanation  
Char Char is a fixed-length data type. When you define a column of char type, you have to give the maximum length (the number of bytes you want to store). You can not store a value greater than that length.
VarChar VarChar is a variable-length data type. You can also store values ​​of more size than the length you are given in it.
Text   Text type stores unstructured text. These can store the value of the text variable length.  


Binary String Data Type

Binary values ​​are sequences of bytes. It is stored as a pair of 8 bits. You can also store images, sounds, movies, and executable files in the Binary string data types. Because these are all in binary format. There are 2 types of binary string data types in MySQL.

Type Explanation
Binary This data type is the same as char but it stores binary byte strings.
VarBinary This is similar to the data type varchar but it stores the binary byte string.

Temporal Data Type

In MySQL, date and time types are called temporal types. In such data types, you can store temporal information such as time, year, date etc. Temporal data types are of 5 types.



Time type Time store is done in this data type. Its size is 3 bytes.  
Year type This data type is used to store any year.
Date type The date type is used to store a single date.
DateTime type This type is used to store both date and time.
Timestamp type It also stores date and time like date Time type, just the format is different.

If you are in Chandigarh and are looking for MySQL and PHP training in Chandigarh then join CBITSS Technologies. CBitss is the Best Mysql and PHP Training Institute in Chandigarh, join now.

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