Job opportunities after CCNA


Job opportunities after CCNA – CCNA (Cisco certified network associate) is a certification in IT provided by the Cisco system. It is an associate-level career certification. The validity of this certificate is only for three years . After that certification holder has to renew it. You can renew it by registering and bypassing the same exam or a high-level exam. Due to changing IT trends, this exam pattern is also evolving. CCNA job certified programmers can design, operate, install, or switch on any system.

To pass the exam, candidates have to get at least passing marks. This exam tests the candidate\’s knowledge, skills, and much more. This exam includes network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP service, security and a broad range of fundamentals. There are no prerequisites of this exam . Anyone who wants to make a good career  in this field can give this exam . It is suitable for network technicians or IT technicians, but a 10+2 level student is also eligible. If they want, then they can also appear for the exam. There is no restriction on this.

CBitss is helping you to get an idea about this. As chances of a job in CCNA are high, and that is why choosing it to make a carrier in this field is a good idea. Even a person can try for huge numbers of networking jobs in Chandigarh as well. Many employees are hired with only Cisco certification in cybersecurity jobs and entry-level IT field , but anyone can get a higher post if he/she combines it with some second skill. There is a high demand for CCNA professionals in India . Therefore , a professorial can quickly get a job in this field. Not just professionals but freshers also can get a good package.

Advantages of CCNA

  • Better salary: An employee with CCNA certification has a higher chances of getting jobs compare to the person without this certification. If you want to get a higher position in a company, you can get your post quickly if you have a CCNA certified tag in your resume.
  • Career boost: You can give your career an instant boost through this certification. You can quickly get your goals as compare to other IT employees if they have no extra degrees in CCNA. Additional certifications in CCNA will allow you to get a higher post.
  • Global recognition:  This certification is recognized globally and also accepted all over the world. With this CCNA certification, you can negotiate for higher pay than people who do not have this. This allows the candidates to show their skills and knowledge on different networking sites.
  • Prerequisite for future certification: If anyone wants to get expert-level certification in Cisco before that, you have to qualify in CCNA. CCNA exam is mandatory to get a professional Cisco certification.
  • Great acceptability: It is popular in the IT industry. Cisco provides a complete platform for a professional and a fresher to showcase their knowledge and skills. This training helps you to get recognition in every field. It improves your chances of getting a job at Cisco. As it is a popular name in the IT industries, so competition for this is also high. For this ,  CBitss is helping you to get a networking job in Chandigarh. 

These are some job profiles that are available under CCNA

Technical support engineer: This is the job to support customers and help them to troubleshoot. Because technologies are evolving daily, consumers always need support from the organization and this is where this CCNA job role deliver its parts .

System engineer for freshers: This job offers basic technological help to the organization. As every job has a starting point, this is the starting point of a CCNA qualified person.

System engineer: CCNA certified person has a good knowledge of infrastructure, so it plays a significant role in organization development.

Many jobs are available like network administrator, IT manager, Senior network engineer, Network security specialist where they get a good package.

CCNA training in Chandigarh

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