introduction to digital marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Today, Introduction to digital marketing has opened more opportunities for businesses. By using different channels of digital marketing, businesses can not only just share their product and services online; Apart from this, they can get customers for their business, entice them and change them to promote their ROI. The speed and simplicity with which digital media transmits data and support any business is surprising. In this Introduction to Digital Marketing, every single aspect of Digital Marketing will be discussed to help marketers understand what Digital Marketing is, how it actions and how it can help them develop their marketing campaigns.

Difference b/w Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing :

  1. Communication is unidirectional in traditional marketing which means that an organization communicates with its audiences about its services.
  2. The medium of communication in traditional marketing is usually phone calls, emails and letters.
  3. In traditional marketing, it takes more time to design, prepare and launch a campaign.
  4. It is best to reach the local audience.
  5. Measuring the effectiveness of the traditional marketing campaign is almost impossible.

Digital Marketing :

  1. Communication is bidirectional in Digital Marketing because businesses can communicate with customers and customers can ask questions or suggestions to businesses as well.
  2. The communication medium is more powerful and includes social media websites, chats, apps and Email.
  3. Digital marketing campaigns can be developed very fast and with digital tools. Digital Marketing campaigns are easier.
  4. It is very effective to reach global audiences.
  5. Digital Marketing lets you measure the efficiency of a digital marketing campaign through analytics.

Digital Marketing concludes targets of marketing of a business through several Digital Marketing Channels. Now, in this Introduction to Digital marketing guide, we will go through various digital marketing channels and understand their roles-

Introduction to Digital Marketing Channels  :

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

SEO can be understood as the procedure of optimizing the website’s structure, design and content. So, the Search engines can index them correctly and place sites in the top results of SERPs. SEO also include various promotional activities that promote the search engine ranking of your site.

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2. Social Media Marketing :

Social Network Marketing involve marketing strategies that use social media channels as marketing tools to optimize the performance of a brand, target audiences, conversions and returns. Adding social media links to the site content Social Media marketing can be done. It can also be promoted through updating tweets, status, blog posts, photos, etc., through social media channels. Most Digital Marketing considers SMM as the second most important digital marketing channel.

  • Social media marketing receives direct online responses from the customer on various social websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Facebook Marketing :

  • Facebook includes the most powerful social media marketing appearance that confesses marketers to afford videos, photos, longer description options and testimonials on their Facebook page(s) for others to see.
  • Marketers can create a group or join a group of their liking on Fb and ask questions or give answers related to topics that correlate with your types of businesses.
  • There are automated arrange tools accessible to automate Facebook Marketing which makes it one of the most significant SMM channels integrated with most of the basics of digital marketing e-guides.

Twitter Marketing :

  • Twitter marketing is the best style to reach new customers without invading their privacy.
  • Twitter is actually a microblogging service that allows marketers to send and receive messages.
  • It helps businesses contact and connects with their customers.
  • You can also create your personal page on Twitter, upload your site and share instructions regarding your business on Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing :

  • As one of the most favourite SMM channels of digital marketing, LinkedIn connects professionals of various backgrounds.
  • It provides professionals with the opportunity to expand their businesses by connecting with other business professionals.
  • Using widgets, LinkedIn members can promote their customers directly to their Company.
  • The “Company Page” can also be made on LinkedIn which works like a business resume for your client to have a quick overview of your business.

Google+ Marketing :

Google Plus offers a diversity of social media marketing appearances that are examined necessary to know while going through the basics of Digital Marketing.

  1. Circles: Helps marketers make groups or join circles of their likings
  2. Stream: Offers instant updates on preferred contacts or groups
  3. Photos: Helps marketers upload photos
  4. Sparks: Lets marketers determine their area of interest every time they logged in
  5. Plus One: It is similar to Facebook’s  like button through which you can deliberate your impression about any appropriate product or service
  6. Video Chat and Huddles: Helps you clarify all the queries by using video chat efficiency that can be used to channelize live customer cooperation while conference confesses marketers to handling group chats.

Video Promotion :

  • Video promotions are among the active styles to reach your prospects. Visual effect establishes more authoritative brunt on customers than print or digital text.
  • Video promotion facilitates marketers to clarify the product more sufficiently correlated to any other medium.
  • Social Media Marketing on YouTube help marketers turn their viewers into fans then fans into clients.
  • Video promotion also gets a good rating because there is very little competition for video promotion pages.
  • Attaching the script with your video helps you get maximum viewers. In addition, you can reprocess your video content into a presentation, transcription, screenshots as podcasts and images and digital marketing PDF downloads.

3. Online Paid Advertising

Online Paid Advertising, Pay per click advertising or PPC is another essential digital marketing channel that you are required to understand while going through an introduction to digital marketing. In paid advertising, you require to pay each time a user clicks on your Ad. You require to pay according to your bid amount and one of the most famous pay per click programs is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords :

  • understanding the desire of your PPC campaign
  • Researching on target audiences
  • Proper Keyword Research and conduction of A/B Testing
  • Learning from your competitors’ Ad copy before you make your individual AdWords campaign
  • Keyword grouping and Organization along with Ad groups formation and Management, etc.

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Facebook Ads :

  • Facebook offers its users the unique efficiency of paid advertising to advertise their products or services on Facebook.
  • Facebook provide various options like Click to Website, Page Post Engagement, Website Conversion, Page Likes kinds of Paid Advertising options.

Twitter Ads :

  • Marketers can directly appliance Twitter ads right into the timeline of Twitter that lets ads naturally fit in and hence, do not distract the viewer’s experience.
  • Twitter is considered especially competent through its promoting Ads and product. Some of the appreciable Twitter Ads are-
      • Twitter new Ads arrival with Download options
      • Ads with click to call button
      • Promoted hashtags, promoted account, promoted tweet
      • Twitter Cards

4. Mobile App Marketing :

The growing popularity of smartphones makes mobile apps one of the most essential sections of digital marketing. While building your mobile App, below given are the necessary things you require to pay heed upon-

  • You require to optimize the social media presence of your App by developing a steady social media following on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
  • You should drive engagement across your mobile app by focusing your struggle on boosting ongoing engagement and keep updating fresh content to affect users who have an interest in your app.

Conclusion :

Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising along with Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics are the pillars while making an introduction to digital marketing. In this introduction to Digital  Marketing, we are trying to describe all these digital marketing channels in the most deliberate aspects possible.

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