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Top 20 Trending Android Training ideas For Beginners 2021

Android is a widely used operating system mainly created by using Linux Kernel and some other open-source software. Android system is free and open-source software and its source code is called AOSP. Lastly, More than 80 per cent of the world\’s smartphone is under this system, and it gives an incredible opportunity to the developers.

To learn about android and make a carrier in this field, android training in Chandigarh by CBitss is the best option. They introduce the users to the android world, gives them idea from the basic and helps them to make their way to become a developer.

In this android training, you will learn about creating your application and creating a suitable user interface application. It uses a highly optimized virtual machine.

20 trending Android training ideas for beginners in 2021

Android-based function generator

You can generate signals through your smartphones for everyday tasks or perform your daily routine. To start training this is the best thing you can do. This can generate an audio frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz and you can amplify the signals by amplifiers

Bluetooth based chatting app

It gives you wireless communication at a low cost. You need to pair up your phone.

Surveillance camera

This is mainly used in every place nowadays, in offices, in homes, in malls. etc. This surveillance camera system is based on Raspberry Pi(Raspi).

Controlled robot

In this, you can control any robot. And the two best feature of this robot is: you can control your robot via voice command or by a simple touch and the second is that it can sense any obstacle and calculate the distance and inform it to the users.

IoT based notification system

It is mainly based on IOT notification systems like fire alarms, doorbells, door sensors, etc. The demand of IoT based smart homes is increasing day by day. It gives security by using different sensors. And this field is based on training.

Home automation system using Arduino Uno

The main focus of this system is to control any appliance or home by its own system.

Arduino based visitor alarm

This includes 14 digital input output pins, six analog inputs, USB connection and is mainly based on the ATmega328 microcontroller. The idea of this system is to alert the owner about the entry of visitors.

Arduino based GPS clock

Mainly used for accurate time, used in many public areas like railway stations, bus stands, airports ,etc.

Automatic battery charger

Mainly controls automatic charging of a battery by identifying battery status connection and voltage.

Railway level gate crossing

By using an application, we can reduce labour problems, Traditionally manual lever system pulling was there.

Password-based circuit breaker

This is one of the trending training programs.


The creation of hovercraft can be controlled by the application and they receive the commands for moving through this device.

Antenna positioning system

This system mainly works on how to give the position to an antenna through a device. This mainly works on three parameters: first is the angle, second is rotation, and third is speed.

Military spying

This is a highly innovative program where a person can control a robot through a mobile application for spying purposes.

Home automation system

It is to make home appliances automatic through an android device.

DC motor controller

This system controls the DC motor\’s speed clockwise or anti-clockwise.

To know about all this, you need to get android training, and for this android training in Chandigarh by CBitss is best for it. They provide the best training in this field

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