Tips that help PHP developer to create website without any Issue occurred.
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Tips that help PHP developer to create website without any Issue occurred.

We will be discuss about the most important tips that help PHP developer to create effective and attractive website without any issue occured.

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  • Go OOP : Object-oriented programming is an advent of programming where objects and classes are used. It remove the need for iteration of code and perform the essential function of production very simply. Objects are permanently classes that collect a number of functions together and cover them in a wrapper that can be repeat over and over again without the demand to rewrite functionality or procedures every time you need to do individual.
  • OOP is faster, simpler, simple to debug, uses less server assets, less code, is faster loading and also logical to work with once.

  • Used PHP’s Inbuilt Functions : You can just use the built in PHP function that means fixed functions, for example count(), which does just what it should. PHP has many built-in functions that can do what you want them to, so check out the standard to make sure you are doing it in the best possible form.
  • Use POST, Not GET : This is not always possible, but when its really not mandatory, don’t use GET, use POST. The reason is straight forward – GET is simple to emulate. All we need to do is added to my address bar and anybody can smoothly hack our project. Undoubtedly, GET is the simple way to do pagination and permalinks, but when using form submission specially, stay with POST, because it is secure.
  • Protect Your Database : The best and protected way is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for all database before it is combined to the database. This function makes all strings safe in condition of quotes and other functions that can damage your database or contain mischievous code, so use it to be sure you have taken the first step across protection of your data. Another thing you can do is confirm all POST and GET strings, never use $_REQUEST, and make sure all form acknowledge data is of the right type and value since adding it to a database query.
  • Stay Away from Anything Ending With _once() : We know that include() function directly gives us a warning if it fails, while require() function kills the script and give a fatal error when it fails. But, we do not fail to remember that include_once() and require_once() function is totally hard on server resources. These things kill your server resources, especially on a extensive framework.
  • Developing With Error Reporting On : The very first thing you do when starting a new project is to change error reporting to E_ALL, and you should only turn it off for ten seconds before moving to production mode. With error reporting on, you choose any small errors that will ultimately grow up to bite.
  • PHP is very simple, and popular with multi-platform. PHP is too prominent to web obtaining application like and Web CMS platforms developed based on PHP such as Word press, Joomla, Drupal etc. PHP is familiar because of its largest community.

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      PHP Training in Chandigarh

      PHP Training in Chandigarh
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