How to Improve Your Web Design Skills ?
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How to Improve Your Web Design Skills ?

Web Designing course in Chandigarh

Creating outstanding Websites with Web Designing Course in Chandigarh

Web Designing course in Chandigarh Design in shades of gray, then add color

If your web designer creates a visual designs, then you were started with a gray shades. You can turn your wireframe into a gray scale design, and then add your photography, then add color carefully to design elements.

web designing in Chandigarh Use Keynote to create rapid page prototypes

If you want to create active prototypes of web pages, landing pages, and other web interface elements, then you don’t need Photoshop. There is an entire movement around using Keynote to create mockups.

Web designing institute in Chandigarh Add web fonts to your corporate style guide

If your corporate style guide does not include web fonts, then you need to look into adding those so your website has the same administration that shared documents and security does. If you have not found it into this, then Google have some fonts and that is a great place to start.

Web designing training institute in Chandigarh Cover Up those social media icons

When you want people visit your site, then we use social media icons. Always bury your social icons on your website footer. If people are on your website, you want them to stay in your site, learn about us and perhaps inquire about your services, not stay for checking out our company picnic photos and outings on Facebook. Social media should help to send people to your website.

Web design company in Chandigarh Ditch the slideshow/carousel

When the homepage slideshow came into fashion, it was a way to get lots of information on the first page of your website. But the problem is that most people don’t stay on the page for a long time to experience all things.

Web designing Chandigarh To Simplify navigation

To reduce your visitors options might seem counter perceptive, but it can actually help to guide people to your most effective content. Rather than amazing your website visitors with links to every page, and simplify your navigation.

Discard dropdown menus and especially multi-tier dropdown navigation that only the most skilled mouse user can operate, and go a step further by reducing the number of links in the header or sidebar of your website.

Best web designing institute in Chandigarh Remove sidebars

The sidebar has been an famous web design trend on blogs for the last ten years. Many companies are finding that when they remove sidebars from their blogs, it inspire reader scrutiny to the article and the call to action at the end. So, removing the sidebar on our company blog has increased the number of clicks on call to action graphics.

Best web designing course in Chandigarh Get color insight from nature

It’s a first step that find a color combination for your website. You can always get inspiration from nature. Natural color is the best color palette. From web, you can use a color picker to select a color.

Best web designing course in Chandigarh Use Pinterest to create boards

You can create a mood board of your favorite images, colors, layouts, patterns and sample websites for your website. Most important advantage of using Pinterest is that anyone can share boards and create boards and update various resources that you can also use.

Web designing company in Chandigarh  Increase your font size

On a computer screen, text is hard to read. So, we have to increase our font sizes, specifically for headings and important text blocks.

Best web designing institute in Chandigarh Use the squint test

Want a quick way to learn what is the most extrusive on your website? Back away from your computer screen and squint.  Most probably everything will become blurry, and only the colorful, larger, more outstanding features will be observable.

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