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Linux Software

Linux : Linux is an open source operating system modeled on Unix. The processor performs the instructed tasks, and then it sends the results back to the application via the operating system.


Redhat certified Linux training in Chandigarh

Redhat certified Linux training in Chandigarh


Softwares used in Linux :

CentOS : CentOS is an open source, community-supported and enterprise-ready distribution of Linux based on the publicly available sources of the commercial and highly acclaimed RHEL operating system. You can easily download CentOS 6.7.

Ubuntu : The Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world. You can download Ubuntu, just click on download link.

Web Designing Software

Web Designing : Web design envelop many different skills and development in the production and continuation of websites. The various fields of web design include Graphic design, Interface design, User experience design, Converting PSD into a valid HTML & CSS, Authoring including uniform code and software and Search engine optimization.

Softwares used in Wed Designing :

Photoshop : Download Photoshop software that is used for image editing.

Corel Draw : Corel draw is a vector graphics editor. Click link, to download Corel Draw software.

Dreamweaver : To download Adobe Dreamweaver for creating website prototype using web-friendly artwork.


Android Software 

Android : Android is an open source operating software used for smartphones and tablet computers. It is used for building Mobile applications.

Android training institute in Chandigarh

Get your mobile app live on Google Play with Android training in Chandigarh

Various Softwares used for Android :

Eclipse : Download Android Development Tools (ADT) that is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that is provided by Google and designed to provide an unified environment in which to build Android applications.

Android Studio : Download Android studio that is used for developing Android Platform. Android studio is freely available under the Apache License.


PHP Software

PHP : PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is open source general purpose scripting language that is specially used for web development and can be set into HTML.

Softwares used in PHP :

WAMP Server : Download WAMP server to create web applications with PHP,  MySQL database and Apache server.

XAMP Server : Xamp Server is a free and open source cross platform web server solution. It interpret scripts which is written in PHP and Perl programming languages, Databases and Apache HTTP server.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO :  Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the free, editorial and natural search results and increase the visibility of a website in a search engine. To go through, the various tools that is available for search engine optimization.

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    PHP Training in Chandigarh
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