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Ideas for learning Cloud Computing

Outrageous Ideas for Learning Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is the method of delivery of computing services over the web. Storage, servers, databases, applications, analytics, and more are included in these computer facilities. Cloud computing is an information technology model that enables us to access, with minimal management effort, shared computer sources. With the assistance of Cloud Computing, we will use computing resources online over the web without investing money in building and maintaining computing infrastructure. In this way, Cloud Computing enables organizations to specialize in their core business rather than making effort in building high-level computer infrastructure. Another great advantage of Cloud Computing is, it provides a “pay-as-you-go” or “pay-per-use” model means you would like to pay just for the resources you’ve got used to. It reduces your operating expenses sort of services.

It usually come into three groups, i.e. Paas (Platform as a service), Iaas (infrastructure as a service), and SaaS (Software as a service).

 These three Cloud Computing services are sometimes called the Cloud Computing stack because they build a stack as they sit on top of 1 another. Here’s a summary of those three services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

Infrastructure as a service is one of the most categories of services. It provides visualized computing resources like virtual machines, storage, networks, and operating systems to individuals or a corporation from a cloud provider.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service may be a category of service that gives the platform for developers to create applications and services over the web. The on-demand development environment for software application development, testing, and maintenance are provided by passes.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service may be a category of its services that give on-demand software applications over the web. Cloud providers host and manage the software applications and permit their users to attach to the appliance and access the appliance over the web.


The rise of Cloud Computing has offered organizations and individuals a variety of advantages including the power to access any software, or resources on any device without having to put it on your local device. Here are a number of the highest benefits.


One of the main benefits is scalability. If your business needs to increase, it is easy to scale your cloud resources from remote servers. Hence, Cloud Computing is right for businesses with growing demands for resources.


It reduces the cost of capital for building and maintaining computing infrastructure. You’ll easily access any resource via the cloud without having to run on-site data centers and hire an IT expert for managing this massive infrastructure.


Traditional on-site computing technology requires lots of hardware configuration and time-consuming infrastructure management. It increases your productivity by removing these time-consuming tasks and enables organizations to specialize in their core business.


Most of the cloud service providers regularly upgrade the services to the newest generation to spice up the performance and supply fast and efficient computing services. This enhances the productivity of companies that share their resources.


Another great benefit is, the providers provide you with “pay-as-you-go” based services means you simply need to buy the services you employ. This reduces the management cost of organizations.


It gives you far better security because the information is stored within the cloud, you’ll access your data and resources from anywhere albeit you’ve lost your laptop. And also, you’ll easily delete your data from your lost machine so that nobody can access it.

Work from anywhere

If you’ve got an online connection and a laptop in your hand, you’ll work from any location by accessing cloud resources over the web. Cloud services also are offering a mobile application so that you’ll also access resources on your smartphone.

Characteristics of Cloud Environments

All real cloud environments have five main characteristics, according to the NIST: On-demand self-service: this suggests that cloud customers can check-in for, buy, and begin using cloud resources very quickly on their own without help from a sales agent.

Broad network access: Customers access cloud services via the web.  Resource pooling: many various customers all use equivalent servers, storage, or other computing resources.
Rapid elasticity or expansion: As their needs alter, cloud customers can quickly scale up or down their usages of resources.
Measured service: Customers buy the number of resources they use during a given period of your time instead of paying for hardware or software upfront.

Different Career Paths are Available

Those who are eyeing a career in cloud computing are going to be glad to understand that, before enrolling for cloud computing training, they get to decide upon which career path would be a far better option.
Some organizations need particular skills in cloud computing like development skills, whereas, others look for cloud infrastructure specialists. Each company needs either IT administrations with a strong knowledge of cloud infrastructure or IT professionals with unique cloud skills

Courses are Available in plenty

The demand for cloud-related jobs has led to the recognition of cloud computing certification among budding IT professionals. There are many courses in offering that provide aspirants with the chance to urge an honest grasp of various cloud concepts. 
Popular cloud certifications are provided below: 
Salesforce Admin
AWS SysOps 
AWS DevOps 
AWS Solutions
Architect Associate Level
AWS Solutions Architect Professional Level

All these courses serve an excellent purpose in making the scholars understand the core cloud concepts that are so essential for a bright start.

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why choose cbitss for python training in chandigarh

Things You Need to Know Before Learning Python

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What is Python Programming Language?

Python is a general-purpose, dynamic, high end, and robust Programming Language. It supports methods to Object-Oriented programming for developing applications. It is a fast and quick language to understand and offers plenty of high-level data structures. Python is easy to learn and an efficient and flexible scripting language, making it desirable for the development of applications.

It occurs to be a natural programming language that provides its guide to various kinds of services from education to compute for organization to internet creation. There are many MNCs like Google & HCL, have also used this language, and its popularity has continuously increased. This language has helped to get the Raspberry Pi close to real global and computing loads.
This language has a low-cost, card-sized microcomputer that assists tech fanatics to construct various DIY stuffs like robots, video gaming consoles and far away managed cars.

This programming language provides a secure framework for aspiring programmers, primarily based on which they can pick their career in this field. This Python Course ensures that candidates are able to use this exceptionally capable programming language in a fascinating and a great way to the finest of their abilities. As software developers people who are eager to make an exquisite career are precise in finding python to live up to their standards.

This programming language offers aspiring programmers a safe framework, primarily based on which they can select their career in this area. This Python Course ensures that candidates can use this incredibly competent programming language to the finest of their abilities in a fascinating and great way. As software developers, in finding Python to live up to their expectations, individuals who are eager to make an exquisite career are specific.

Who Can Apply for a Python Course?

Students with some knowledge in the computer field can easily apply for this Python Training. Programmers that want to add more functionality without any complications and difficulties in an app creation, and this information can also be very useful during the shortest possible time span.IT companies and other enterprises are going to be able to reach everybody more and faster. In candidates, businesses often look at this python training course as this information allows performing GIS analysis easily.

Why Should you Learn Python Programming?

Below are the few reasons to select python:
1) Python has a very basic and easy to understand syntax.
2) Millions of work opportunities for python developers.
3) Python is one of easiest learned, smooth, and efficient open-source languages.
4) Python is easy to use and has strong data manipulation and analysis features.
5) Python has been used as of today in mathematical programming and extremely quantitative laws such as economics, oil, and gas, physics, and signal processing for more than a decade.

Main objectives of the course are as follows:

1) Write python scripts, test code for units.
2) Download and interpret data Programmatically.
3) Learn methods to deal with various types of data, i.e., ordinal, categorical, encoding.
4) Learn the visualization of data.

Career after Python Programming Training Course

1) For python developers there are millions of job opportunities.
2) Python is a commonly used web development language and programming language, and this fact will produce more and more opportunities for python skills to work.
3) Due to demand for developing websites, web applications & artificial intelligence, python has made its value in the market.
4) If you look at the popular job market and look for work for python developers, you will realize the value of this language.
5) The syllabus is crafted by highly experienced professionals. It includes some programming such as classes, functions, OOPs, memory management, garbage collections, standard library modules, iterators, and many more, which assist students at every stage of learning.

Why Choose us to Learn Python Programming in Chandigarh?

To find, analyse, execute and provide the best Python Training in Chandigarh, Cbitss Technologies has a dedicated team of highly expert professionals. Our Trainers use a specified methodology that helps identify opportunities, develop the most optimal resolution, and implement the solution in a mature manner.

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Features of Linux Operating System

Top 10 Crucial Features of Linux Operating System

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Linux is the most reliable, highly secured, and worry-free operating system having the highest number of servers running on the Internet. It dominates supercomputing by powering 100% of the world’s supercomputers and 86% of all smartphones all around the world. 

What are the Features of Linux Operating System ? 

The Linux operating system acts as an interface between the computer of a user and computer hardware.  It allows users to execute various programs efficiently.  This article gives an overview of the features of this multiuser operating system.  

Open Source

Linux, being the leading operating system in server, is free to use, modify, and distribute. The open-source operating system has gained immense popularity around the world because multiple teams work together to make Linux stronger and better.

High Security

Linux is more secure as compared to other operating systems such as Windows. Data encryption, password protection, and controlled access help in safeguarding the security. Before gaining access to any important file, it is imperative for users to provide a password. Besides, users can encrypt their data when using Linux.  


Linux software works on both high and low-end hardware without any deviation. Users don’t need to worry about incompatibility because the multilingual operating system can be installed on any hardware. Linux training in Chandigarh helps professionals build a successful career. Practical training assures the nitty-gritty of the operating system so that aspirants can get the job in their desired company. 


Linux is different from other operating systems in many ways. From computers to other electronic devices, you can use it smoothly. Linux operating system allows users to run more than one application simultaneously. 


Among the best features of Linux is the freedom of using the operating system by many individuals. It means that multiple users can use system resources, such as RAM, Memory, and Hard disk at the same time without any issue. 

Graphical User Interface 

Similar to the Windows operating system, users can enjoy the feature of Graphical User Interface. All it requires is just a simple installation process, and you are good to go.  Besides, an ordered filing system is highly beneficial in arranging system and user files in a systematic order. 


With the help of various programs, users can issue the commands to the Linux so that it can execute them flawlessly. In order to carry out various types of application programs and commands, users just need to instruct it so that it can carry out them effectively. 

Easy Modification of Foreign Languages 

Due to the high reliability of the Linux operating system, it is used by every major space programs, such as NASA and ESA, Since the Linux operating system comes in various languages, anyone can use it all around the world. You just need to modify your keyboard into your desired language.  

 Live CD Distribution

For optimum performance, this operating system is preferred in word processors, tablets, supercomputers, smartphones, and Android devices. Users can try/run the Linux OS without installing it. Regardless of where you live in the world, you will receive it. 

Bottom Line Linux operating system allows users to install or download any application with a command. Due to the rising demand, many multi-national companies look for professionals with hands-on experience on the Linux operating systems. CBitss is a leading institute in Chandigarh for Linux training in Chandigarh. Here, you will learn from a team of professionals having decades of experience under their belts. 

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How to rank No. 1 On Google

How to Achieve First Page Ranking on Google

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Are you pondering upon ways to achieve first-page ranking on Google? If so, you are in the right place. This is the world of digitalization where it’s impossible to imagine a business without a website. Ranking your website high means more traffic and leads, which leads to increased revenue and profits.

Build a Keyword List 

First page ranking for every keyword relating to your industry is an unrealistic expectation. Every business ought to focus on the most desired keywords to secure high organic rankings. This process consumes great efforts of both management and marketing. It is imperative to know how phrases or sentences your target users search on the internet. Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Everywhere, and Google Trends are some sites that can help you in keyword research.

Publish Good Quality Content 

Google aims at providing users with the best browsing experience. Therefore, posting user-friendly and informative content is the best way to getting your website to rank higher on search engines. Many people dig deep into the technical SEO but fail to improve their rankings because of low-quality content on the site. Good content is considered the king because it helps in attracting interest and compelling visitors to share it and link back to it.

Note: Whether you want to learn to improve your keyword rankings on Google or make your content go viral in the digital landscape, SEO training in Chandigarh is highly beneficial to stand out from your competitors. 

Optimize Meta Tags 

  The HTML tag of a web page shows meta title and description related to content. Meta tags optimization is imperative because they display in the organic search results. Many businesses make of focusing only on link building and ignoring tags optimization. It is whimsically essential to understand that Google considers titles to be among the crucial on-page SEO elements. Add the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site will help you better understand the meta title and description. Increase your brand awareness by mentioning your company name at the end of the title.


Small or large, every business should focus on the site’s mobile-friendliness because it is a ranking factor. With the release of Mobilegeddon (Google’s algorithm update), businesses witnessed ranking fluctuations of their sites. Since then, mobile-friendliness has been gaining significance constantly. Here are some easy ways to optimize your site:

  • Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool to Check your site
  • Make Sure CTA buttons are accessible for mobile users 
  • Check how your pop-ups show on mobile devices 
  • Improve the site’s loading time by compressing images

Follow Google’s EAT Guidelines 

Google considers some factors for gauging the page quality of a site. Below is the quick rundown of the top three factors:

  • Expertise: A website demonstrating expertise in a field, especially finance, medical, and legal, achieve high SERPs rankings. So, make sure to provide accurate and precise information to establish expertise.    
  • Authoritativeness: Websites with strong authority gain an edge over those sites that do not show off the authority. So, businesses should highlight customer testimonials and positive reviews throughout their websites.  
  • Trustworthiness: Are you making your users feel safe on your site? If not, it is high time to have an HTTPS site and an SSL certificate. As per studies, Google prefers site security while ranking them on SERPs.

Bottom Line 

Seeing your keyword rank on the umpteenth page of a search engine is quite frustrating. The above tips are useful in achieving first-page ranking on Google. If you want to learn more about how SEO experts and digital marketers craft effective strategies to achieve high rankings and increased traffic, begin SEO training in Chandigarh. CBitss is the leading institute in the Tricity with experienced and passionate trainers. Here, you will work on live SEO projects to understand things easily.  

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Python Training in Chandigarh

It is the world’s fastest multipurpose growing programming language. It is used by data analysts, accountants, scientists, mathematicians, software engineers, etc. It solves complex problems. It is a beginner- friendly language.

Reasons why Python is popular:

1. The high-level language which means we don’t have to worry about complex tasks like memory management as in the case of C++

2. Huge community means whenever we get stuck there is someone out there to help.

3. Cross-platform means we can build and run Python applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. Large ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools which means whatever you do, it is likely that someone else has done it before as Python has been around for over 20 years.

Learning Python opens up a lot of job opportunities.

Python is a programming language that is interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose. Python’s design philosophy, developed by Guido van Rossum and first published in 1991, emphasizes the readability of code with its prominent use of large whitespace. The language constructs and object-oriented methodology are aimed at enabling programmers to write simple, logical code for large and small projects. Python is typed dynamically and supports multiple programming paradigms, including structured programming (especially procedural), object-oriented, and functional. Because of its extensive standard library, Python is also defined as “batteries included” language. In the late 1980s, Python was developed as a successor to the ABC language. Python 2.0, released in 2000, introduced features such as list comprehensions, and a reference-counting garbage collection system.

Python 3.0, released in 2008, was a major language revision that is not fully backward- compatible, and most of the Python 2 code does not run unchanged on Python 3. The Python 2 language was formally discontinued in 2020 (first scheduled for 2015), and “Python 2.7.18 is the last version of Python 2.7 and hence the last version of Python 2.” No further security updates or other changes will be released for it. It supports only Python 3.5.x and later with the end-of- life of Python 2. Many operating systems provide Python interpreters. Python, a free and open- source reference implementation, is developed and maintained by a global group of programmers. Python Software Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages and directs resources for the creation of Python and Python.

Python training courses in Chandigarh supports the development of a wide range of applications.

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    Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh

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